Your and Their World AIDS Day  

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What are you up to for World AIDS Day?

If you can spare a 2 minutes and a few bucks make a donation to fight AIDS!

AIDS can happen to you, your friends and relatives, your co-workers.

If you are a sex-worker, keep in mind that your clients are obviously potential bearers as they represent an increased risk for you. Sure some of them are as careful as the escorts they encounter - who are, fortunately, notoriously very aware of the risk and not really risk vectors as the media used to spread years ago* - but it takes only one.

(* and if you are fortunate enough to live in a developed country).

To all sex-workers and normal sexual beings, this is a good occasion to remind you all to be safe.

G. and I are spending the day in some special way, but there'll be more to this later.


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