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I have to say that I actually don't think I've felt better about starting this blog since the last few weeks.

Strangely enough, at a time where I myself doubted my own relationship for various reasons (and mostly my own lack of self-confidence and strength), I was blessed to see people voice their opinion right here on this introductory post on My Guide to Dating an Escort* and in my mailbox.

(* A guide I still have to write and publish here in more details... I know, I know. But after all, who am I to write a guide when I am still learning?)

To these people, who expressed their views and shared their experiences either publicly or privately, here's to you:

1) Thank you very much for your time and attention. There are no words to express how I felt while I read your messages. It is an incredible feeling to know that people go through the same experiences and are at different stages of the process. Ones you have already been through, ones you have not reached, and maybe even some you'll never cross path with (for good or bad).

2) I also hope you will come back and enjoy reading these pages as much as you have in the past. I would gladly hear from you again and read how things evolve on your side.

3) And last but definitely not least, I sincerely wish all of you all the best in your own endeavors and with your personal relationships. I know they can be weird and tricky, but I still think they're worth it, and it's always with great pleasure that I see people proving me right.

Thanks again and good night, as the artists say.


Love to read your side of the industry. I'll def. continue to follow.

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it. Feel free to share your own experiences as well.

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Hello H.

I just found out that a woman a dated is an escort. We saw each other once already and planned on seeing each other again soon. I don't date many women simultaneously. Since I sensed this woman might become important in my life, I decided to do some background check. I don't think it's an intrusive thing to do. I do it for many people I meet. Since I did not had a last name, I googled her phone number. Then I found out. She's been hiding it rather well. I was surprised, but not devastated.

A few seconds after I made that discovery I stumbled upon your blog. I read a few of your posts already. I read about STDs and about how you and G. met.

Right now, I am really questioning myself. Should I see this woman again or should I refrain myself from doing so. I appreciate her very much, but I also get that if this ever turns into a relationship, it would mean lots of troubles and secrecy. On the other hand, if it turns out just to be a sex thing, I wonder what new I would be bringing to her life.

I am not a jealous person. I've experienced that in the past and it disgusted me. However, I am very scared of STDs. In fact, that is the main thing on my mind right now. I fear I may not be able to trust her.

Last issue is secrecy. I hate secrets. I already don't feel like talking about this woman to entourage anymore because it would mean I would have to lie about her.

What did your experience teach you about STDs? How did your relationship developped in the beginning? Are my problems worth overcoming?

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