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First of all thanks again to the people who have been writing lately to send me their own stories.

I am glad to be able to share some of them when you allow me to, and feel free to post the directly on the newsgroup if you feel like it.

Yesterday* I found in my inbox this story of a male escort. I encountered a few male escorts along the way, but definitely not as many as their female counterparts, therefore I think it is always interesting when one of them accepts to share his story.

Here's the story of Stephen Michaels, as he sent it:

I use to be a male escort for women and want to tell my story.

Only a few close friends know about this and I have been wanting to share my story. For 5 years in the early 1990’s, I worked as a male escort for women. In high school and college, I had a reputation as a “lady’s man”. I never had any problems bedding down attractive women. In 1991, I graduated from college with an advanced business degree and found a position at a major company in Dallas.

I found a very nice apartment and I became friends with neighbor who was obviously a lady’s man and we would share our stories. One day he told me that he worked on the side for a Dinner Date company. These companies offered woman dates to socialize, go to parties or other functions. He would treat them well while they were out in public and take these women home. He told me that most of these women wanted to get laid and they paid him for it. The Dinner Date company charged $50 an hour with a 4 hour minimum and the cost of the event for the two of us. I would receice 75% of the fee. At the time, I found it hard to believe but eventually I came around to believe.

He suggested that I apply, which I did and he recommended me to the company. He gave me some tips how to go about getting employment. I got a phone interview which was quickly followed by an on-site interview. They said that I had to go out on 2 Dinner Dates with two different female employees. I had to pay for these dinners and the 2 woman were to judge. I drove a nice new car, came well dressed and engaged them in conversation allowing them to talk about themselves. I did get hired by them and they told me that I would be fired if the company found out I was having sex with any of the clients. My neighbor told me not to worry about it, they were just covering their ass and they would never find out about it unless I said something. My buddy told me how to go about it. He was right.

The woman who would use this service fall into 3 categories. The first were women in their 40’s or older. They were looking for younger men to bed them. The second was professional women in their 20’s and 30’s, who did not have time to nurture a relationship. The last group were fat and unattractive women who were desperate to have a man share her bed with her.

When I went out with these woman, I would always treat them like queens. I would show up in clean and waxed car.. I would be wearing a nice suit, my hair would be trimmed and, of course, I was impeccably clean. I would go to her door and greet them. They would invite them in. I would compliment then on their place, how it looked and how it smelled. When she was ready to leave with me, I would tell her how beautiful she looked. I would walk her to the car holding her hand and open the car door like gentleman. When driving her to the event, I would engage her in small talking trying to understand her better. When we got to the event, I would get out, open her door and escort her in, holding her hand. At the event, she was my total focus. I would not engage other women and allowed her to do what she wanted. If she was talking to others, I would be by her side listening, nodding and even laughing. When we were eating dinner, I would allow her to do most of the talking and kept the focus on her. I would not drink any alcohol and allow here to have 3 or 4 drinks to loosen her up. Throughout all this, I would gently touch her hands and arms. All this is here getting slowly aroused. At the right time, I would start putting my arm around her waist and discreetly put my hand on her ass, rubbing it gently. As the night progress, I would do this more frequently. When, it was time to leave, I would get her coat and walk with here as she said her good-byes. When we would walk out of the event, I would escort her hand in hand to the car, opening the door for her.

While riding her home, I would tell her how beautiful she looked and tell her she was a wonder guest. I would put one hand on her leg as we were driving and when stopped at a light, I would gently kiss her. When we go to her place, I would open her car door and escort her into her place hand in hand. Almost always she would invite me in. That was the time she would be the horniest and the most nervous, if she had not been through this before. I would be patient, never making the first move or give her any signal. Eventually, she would proposition me. At that time, I would hold and kiss. I would keep her close to me and them I would quietly say, “sweetheart, this is going to cost you $150” and wait to see her reaction. Often it would be shock and then she would start begging me. She would say something like, “I thought you wanted me.” I would say “I do, but I am a male escort and this is my job” and wait and say nothing. My silence forces her to say something and it was almost always yes. Sometime, she would give me money, other times, she would write a check. I would promise I would spend the night and make love with her all night long. We would eventually fall asleep and, in the morning, wake up in each other’s arms. I would be sure we made love again and then take a shower together. When I was ready to leave, I would give her a business card, so she could contact me anytime she wanted to, give her a passionate kiss and leave.

To be a male escort, you need to be good looking, a great listen, understand how women think and treat her like a lady. Remember, it is all about her.

* EDIT: actually that was a while ago, but it was saved as draft... whoops...


great blog thanks

Thanks. Glad you like it.

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