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I just came across this story on Punternet (via Sarah's blog) of a girl scammed by a fake escort agency and coerced into having sex with the people who posed as recruiters.

This is incredibly sad, and even doubly so because a third of the crowd would say that they would have seen it coming, another third would say she got what she deserved, and the rest would try to comfort her but of course to no avail.
And even worse, they f*cked her apparently roughly (I guess it fits the interview process, as they need to prepare you for what's next and some clients), and without any protection. And considering it seems to be an on-going thing, you can imagine what the risks are, given the environment: crazy dirty assholes who go around fucking girls without experience and who might also have fucked other people without safety net.

It touches me particularly because I know G. could have fallen for this sort of thing at the beginning, both the escort agency scam and the unsafe sex, because I know she used to be careless. Hell I still have doubts when she tells me she never fucked any client without a condom (though still had to had an abortion years ago, probably because of one, but says it was probably just an accident and that is very probably what happened).
I guess in all her misery, she was lucky at the time to not enter this business via the worst possibles doors and was not introduced by the worst possible persons (still, not a pretty picture).
I feel terrible for this girl, and totally helpless.

This is rape, and rape in one of its lowest forms. Not that is can have any good form, but you could sort of think that someone using a girl's need for money and desire to put a lot of things aside to get into this business is a dirtier scumbag than the one who rapes a girl when he's drunk to death. Not by much, but the distinction stays.

Come to think of it, some of these practices can even be legal, as they could have protected themselves into asking for her consent. As it is the case for hundreds of girls who are "discovered' in the porn industry (the discovery being usually more or less a rape already), then really used and drained for the time they can serve and as long as they are still fresh on the scene, and then dumped to move on to the next girl. Hey, plenty of fishes out there, it's easy for these people to hunt for the "next big thing", so that the big thing doesn't have to be asked to stick around for too long and you can dispose of it for a younger model with similar features.
Wonder if Woodman ever had this type of legal issues, for instance. I consider the guy an absolute scumbag. No matter what the excuses and justifications, I don't care if he would have warned the girls before hand or not, the whole process is just horrible. Lots of these girls will end up making lots of money, but what are the long term ramifications on their future lives, or what are the lives they could have had? And what about the ones who don't make much money of it, and just got crushed on the way?
Sorry, I got lost in my rant.

Anyway, this story is just wrong and sad. The sort of things that makes you lose a bit of humanity in you.

I'll quote the whole story in a next post because it's so sad I wouldn't want to lose it if it gets removed from Punternet one day.


The original story is now quoted here:

omfg - thankyou for sharing

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