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Actually, there's no review as I haven't seen it yet, but I am definitely interest in watching this movie, The Girlfriend Experience by Steven Soderbergh.

I wonder if it is going to be blatantly dull like so many movies about this industry, or if it will actually bring some truth to the picture and also not dwell into the same-old die-hard cliches and the fancy, eye-catching Hollywoodian lighting effects.

Wikipedia contains this plot summary:

November, 2008. Escort Chelsea works in New York, but her clients have suffered since the collapse of the banks. Her boyfriend, Chris, is a trainer who is also struggling to make money as most of his clients will only pay for the short term plans.
Chris is asked by a client to go to Vegas for a weekend away, which he initially turns down as he feels Chelsea will not agree to it.
Chelsea meets with a first time client, a writer from Los Angeles, and they click. He is married with children, but after one date wants to spend a weekend with her. Chris does not want Chelsea to go, but after an argument they both go away for the weekend. Chris goes to Las Vegas with his client, and Chelsea flies out to meet her client. However her client has changed his mind.
Chelsea meets with various clients, some of whom just talk, others who engage in sex. She also meets with an interviewer who interviews her about her work. She is also blackmailed by the owner of a website which reviews escorts, when she refuses his advances he gives her a bad review.
Chelsea and Chris break up.

Yes, spoilers, and no alerts. I don't care, the point is more for me to see the connection to the life of real escorts.

The resume sounds promising though, and I am curious to see what it is going to be like. There seems like there's definitely something I can relate to, both in terms of general storyline as well as when it comes to some specific parts of the job. The trip to Vegas arc reminds me a bit of G.'s latest escorting trip around the world, which I partly presented on this blog. And still need to finish recounting, actually, though like I already mentioned (did I? I know wanted to, but I've been out of touch lately) I realized telling the full story would give too many hints about G.'s clients identity, and G. herself. So I sort of binned everything I wrote about it, figuring I'd just rewrite something shorter. Anyway... getting lost here...

Back to The Girlfriend Experience: my biggest worry is, though I like Soderbergh, I'm afraid his movies are usually not that controversial to me. They aim for the controversy, but hide behind the smoke-screen of humour, visual effects and heroic tales.

Oh and I just realized Sasha Grey is starring in it, so I guess Alexa will definitely be watching it too as she seems to be a fan (Okay, maybe not, I have no idea, but she talks about her a few times on her blog :)

Though I'm sure lots of prostitutes will not see from a good eye that the main actress is a porn actress, as they sometimes tend to pretend to relate to their issues while they actually don't, and vice-versa. That's always a big mess, I'm sure people reading this know what I'm talking about (and visitors accustomed to other blogs following the same topic can probably think of a name or two, which I won't cite).

For me, that's unfortunately already one step in the direction of what I don't want the movie to be, as Sasha Grey is a pretty mainstream adult actress. if you can call the adult industry something that is mainstream. But considering the money involved, I'd say you can!


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