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Following the previous series of posts, I received an e-mail from someone named "Patricia", who asked me to publish her story. Here it is, unedited.

I hope this might help some to get an idea of what they might get themselves into, or make them realize the importance of being extremely careful about screening your clients and knowing the surroundings where you will provide services, so as to not make your case worse.

Recently, I was arrested in an escort prostitution sting. I have been doing research on-line to see if I can help my case and I found this website. I decided to share my story so if there are females working as an escort or contemplating doing it, they may know what they are up against.

I am 20 year old college student in the Upstate, NY. I been escorting for about a year. I thought I knew the ropes, the likelihood of getting busted was very low, I knew what to do and, if I got busted, it was unlikely to cause me problems. Was I ever wrong!

I have put ads on the Backpage website for escorting. I got an email and accepted a client and I was to meet him at a major hotel. I drove to the hotel and went to the room. I walked in, looked around and everything seemed in order. We started a little small talk and neither of us was going to get to the point right away. I decided to break the ice by saying "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" as I have done in the past. The man dropped his pants and he had an erection and I raised my skirt and dropped my panties. I touch his penis and he touch my vagina. This has been my modus operandi when I go out escorting. He told me he wanted to have intercourse with me. I told him it would be $300 and I supply the condom. I always use the best. He gave me the money and I gave him the condom. Both of us got undressed. He asked me to lay on the bed and start by masturbating because he liked to watch that. So, I laid on the bed and started to masturbate. This went on for several minutes and, at the time, I was enjoying entertaining him. Then all of a sudden, three men from the adjoining room came in and said, "your under arrested for prostitution." I was immediately handcuffed and I was told to stand there. The police searched my clothes and purse while one of the cops took pictures of me nude while I was handcuffed. After they were finished, they uncuffed me, allowed me to dress, recuffed me and led me out of the hotel into a police car and took me to the police station.

At the police station, I was booked and then they informed me of the charges. They charged me with two felonies. Felony prostitution because they set the sting up within a mile of a school and use of a computer during commission of a crime. They told me they were going to seize my car and computer because they were used in the commission of a crime. I chose not to answer any question and they release me on bail. My roommate bailed me out. The worse was yet to come.

The next day the story was in the local papers, on the local television news and on their websites with all the details of my arrest and my picture. I was publically humilated!

I hired an attorney for $2000 and, if it went to trial, it would be another $5000. He felt he could get the charges reduced by the District Attorney to a misdemenor since I had no police record. He said, if I pled guilty to the misdemenor, I would probably get a $500 fine,get 5 days in jail and would get my record expunge in a year if I stayed out of trouble. My attorney and I met with the District Attorney's office and we were shocked by what happened next.. They said they would drop the use of a computer during commission of a crime charge, which carried up to 5 years in prison, if I pled guilty to the felony prostitution and they would recommend a 3 to 6 month sentance in the county jail. My attorney argued with them about the harshness of their position considering I had no priors. The District Attorney's office said that they were going to make an example out of me and the 2 other girls they arrested that day because the hotels were complaining about prostitution. If I chose not to accept the deal, they would prosecute me for both felonies and if convicted, I could get 7 years in state prison for both charges. What happen next both shocked my attorney and myself. They had a hidden video camera in the room and told us they would show the video of me undressing and masturbating along with the pictures taken by the police at trial. They told me that any evidence presented at trail is a public record and after the trial anyone could get a copy of the video and pictures..

My attorney says at preliminary hearing, he will ask the judge to reduce the charges to a misdemenor, but it is unlikely that he will successful and that I will have to decide to take the offer or risk jury trial. He told me with evidence they have, it was highly likely I would be convicted. This is what I am up against. So be warned!

Thanks a lot to Patricia for sharing this, and again all my best wishes to deal with this mess.


Sad story, that's a broken lagel system.
People just have right to share any thing with others, including their bodies.
And the police get so-called evidence in an illegal way, that attorney just take the payment and run away.
Too bad...

Man that scares the crapppp out of me... I'm a male escort in NYC and it's just terrifying to think about that. How awful that one case can be judged/sentenced in a different way than another because they 'want to make an example.' This is a person's life! Ridiculous.


You should check out these videos. It will show you to beat the prostitution sting and escort license laws.

I just stumbled accross this article .I've been affiliated with law enforcement for over a decade. I can tell you for a fact that our department along with many other police departments throughout the united states are conducting stings against escorts that place ads on backpage. These stings are on going and will not stop long as backpage is in existence. We succeeded in shutting down craigslist, and a few months ago we started targeting backpage. Prostitutions is illegal. So to all you ladies that place ads on backpage, beware, because you may get lucky enough to hangout with me and my co-workers.

The problem is that when the guy said he wanted to have sex and you said $300, that made it prostitution. However, if you would say upfront that the money is for modeling and/or dating service, and anything else is by mutual consent; then it would be legal. Selling your modeling and your dating service is nothing more than a magazine or an online dating website. Both get paid and both are legal. When it is illegal is when you sell SEX! if anyone ever asks "I want to have sex with you, how much," LEAVE!!

wow my friend told me to read this article. ive been arrested a few times. first when i use to post on craigslist and the last time was about four months ago on backpage. when they came to my incall location they had my ad an my pics. then they said that backpage was gonna them the credit card info that shows i paid for the posts. i used my dudes credit card and they told me that he would be arrested to if i didnt admit to the charge. he would get more jail time than me because they was tryin to say that pimps get more time, like hella years. but i was tryin to tell them that he wasnt no pimp, he my boyfriend. they didnt wanna hear it. so i had to take the charge an now its gone stay on my record. so beware ladies cuz police are arresting people all over the US and backpage will give them all the info they need to get you arrested. all that money we give backpage and they helpin the police? they need to shut down if they gone help the police arrest people. BACKPAGE SUCKS!

to evrybody POLICE DO STINGS FOR OUTCALS TO! im ona westcoast an i got kautup doin outcal. he was nice an evrything on phone. he waited till i git in the hous then they came outa bedrooms an sh--.they got my computer an took my girlfriend and her car to. an all my ads was on my computer.they took all my computer an phone.private sh-- that was on my computer.jus wach out if tricks wanna outcals

backpage gives the police our credit card info??? wtf!!!!! your kidding right? they are definitely losing my business!!! all this time ive been protecting my computer and my phone to prevent a serious charge against me. now i have to worry about backpage giving up my credit card information. so ladies umm hideja wife hideja kids hideja computer hideja phone hideja clients and definitely hideja credit cards cause the police and backpage are teaming up like husband and wife.

Legally you have a case. First they aren't supposed to take photos of you naked. That's going against your civil rights and a lady in Houston, Tx got her case dismissed because of that. Second cop are not supposed to be having sex with you. He went too far. Let them show the tape in court. Show how crooked the cops are. Each jurisdiction are lessening their rules to catch people but having sexy with the client then not reading rights is wrong no matter what state or jurisdiction you in. They already embarassed you. That cop that commented is telling the truth about how they targetting backpage but there are still laws in place for you....BUT YOU have to know about them. Your lawyer should be going for trial, asking to SEE THE EVIDENCE, and know the laws about how far the police department can go and the fact he let you touch and he fucked...that's ENTRAPMENT!!! Do your homework.

Remember that guy who got caught up senator craig...the undercover nudged HIM first...the jury said that was entrapment and he was found NOT guilty. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS...and a BETTER LAWYER.

Also seeing you're in New York your ex governor NEVEr was charged with promoting prostitution, being a client, paying for sex, etc...why? cause paying for TIME, paying for ESCORT is perfectly LEGAL...and he was a prosecutor. They didn't even charge him with extortion. He was nailed on public trust.

Cops aren't going to tell you that so it's up to you to do your own homework.

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