Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 1)  

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From time to time I receive e-mails from visitors, who tell me their own stories. Things they did, things that happened to them.

Some of them do not lead to anything interesting and I just do not feel the need to re-publish them, while some prefer to remain anonymous and I respect their privacy.

But others have substance and their owners grant me the right (or even want me) to publish their stories "as is", or with minor modifications. Here's one of them, untouched.

I've been pretty busy lately so I won't comment on it right away, that will be for an upcoming post.

I found your website ( I read a lot of your site and found it quite interesting.

I am a hobbyist. For years, when I go on business trips, I call escort service. I always get a blow job. I always ask these girls if they have boyfriends and the all do. These guys are completely clueless and I think it is total riot. I have had a lot of girls, like your girl friend. Who knows, maybe she has sucked me.

The best escort story I have is the one and only time I ever fucked whore. As I often do, when I get into my hotel, I look in the phone book and call an escort service for a girl. About 40 minutes after I placed a call, this drop stunningly beautiful strawberry blonde enterred my room (she was a natural strawberry blonde). She gets in there are says it would cost me $150. That was fine with me because I budget $200. Then she pulled out a piece of paper and starts reading the dos and donts (no touching, keep at least 5 feet between us, etc...). All of a sudden, I go "geez, I am looking for some sex." She did a double take and started talking about what the escort service told her (she would be fired if they knew she was involved in prositution). This turned out to be her whoring gig. I told her that she can expect to have sex every time she answers a call because escort services are front for prostituion. She thinks about it and then says. "ok. it is going to cost you $40 more." I told her, "what they don't know won't hurt them." I said ok and she asked me if I had a condom. Since I always get blow jobs (and I was expecting to get one this time), I did not have any. When I told her no, she said, "geez, I am fertile." I am immedaitely thought I had to fucking this chick. I told her I had a vasectomy several years before. She said to me, "you're not lying?". I pulled my out wallet and show her a picture I had of my sister's 4 kids and I told her I was paying child support and I don't need to be paying anymore child support. She agreed. I gave her $190 and we undressed.

I happened to ell endowed and she first mentioned that I haad the biggest cock she has ever seen. We got in bed and fucked mish. I asked her if her boyfriend knew what she was doing and she said, "what he does not know won't hurt him." As I was fucking her all I could think about combing into her fertile womb. She was moaning and screaming. Eventually, I came inside her. It was the best fuck I ever had and she told me it was the best fuck she ever had and she had cum 3 times. It really turned her on knowing that guys would pay her to fuck and she would keep doing this if the "sex was that good". We were kissing and I asked her, "so how does it feel to be a whore" and she blushed and did not want to anwwer the question. Eventually, she said she could not have imagined doing this when she was in high school.

She got dressed and we kissed at the door. Before she left, I said, "just remember, you born a virgin and now your are going to die a whore". She gave me this wry smile and then left.

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when she found out she was pregnant!!



That shit is fucked up. This way of thinking is so disturbing to me.

Damn right, it is...

I'll post the reply I sent him tomorrow, but I had a slightly strong gut reaction when I received his e-mail.

Not that this behavior really surprises me, I've come across it so many times, and though it's disturbing, I can clearly see how people come to not care.

But I still had for a second the thoughts this could be my girl, and though she's (probably at least partly) responsible for doing this job and (probably at least partly) responsible for not knowing what the f*ck she's dealing with with regard to STDs and contraception, she would still be the one I'd be on the side of if I had to pick one, no doubt about it.

you guys buy this? working girls don't kiss, ever and would never just take someone's word about a vasectomy and would NEVER have unprotected sex. he doesn't have a condom and her worries are about getting pregnant, oh please. and he as such a large tool!!! yeah... sounds like someone who can't get it in the real world, can't afford a working girl but needs to find ways to turn himself on. $190 for unprotected vaginal sex, WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!! i don't care how new she was to this. and no "agency" is sending these women out blind.

which one of you wants to buy the brooklyn bridge from me. givin' half off for today only.

Even if this horrid story is true, why would this idiot believe that the sex was actually good with him. She's a professional, of course she'd say it was good and pretend to come.

Fucking asshole moron.

I wouldn't take that rant seriously, pretty messed up and misguided if you ask me.

I don't know if that story is real or not, and honestly I also considered it might not be and that person is just getting a kick out of selling me crap.

But in the end I prefer to be an idiot and publish it than to let it happen to anyone.

I can't believe what I'm reading. So this hooker has sex with this duke without condoms, and you're siding with the hooker if she gets knocked up, contracts VD, etc? If this girl doesn't understand where 'babies come from', if she's never heard of AIDS or syph...and if she's letting her johns cum inside her without condoms, then it's already to late. She's surely got something growing inside her - either a kid or a disease. Call the men all the names you want, in the end it's this girl who's going to have to suffer the consequences of her ignorance. She can make some good money doing this sort of work, but she's got to learn to take basic precautions, and lay down some ground rules.


Of course I would agree with you that there's an educational problem here if she takes such risks and doesn't protect herself.

But the thing is, how can you assume that there is no coercion whatsoever in all this? She might indeed just have never learned a thing about contraception and STDs. Or she might have gotten into the business way too early and still be trying to learn all that.

From experience, lots of girls get into this business fairly early. 16 is not an uncommon age, and at 16, if you start doing this for money or other reasons and you haven't had that many sexual encounters before, then you don't have the experience and the knowledge.

You cannot blame someone for being ignorant without a chance. You can if you've tried to teach them, they failed, and you tried to teach them again and get them out of the mudd, and then they failed again.

But if they just never had a chance to learn, you just cannot blame here.

You don't know this girl's situation here, and neither do I.
You see a stupid girl who's a danger to herself and others and is to blame. I see a naive girl who is a danger mostly to herself and needs help.

And either way, I see an asshole in the guy for trying this and joking about it. And the fact that she would have been educated about it or not doesn't change a thing.

wtf?? what a ridiculous person.

good for you bastard you paid $190 for the STD. imagine she fucked all her clients without condom and you think you get the best whore in the planet. goodluck to you stupid twat monkey!

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