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I apologize in advance and as well as in retrospect for having been either away or lazy for the past 2 months.

This weblog is (as a matter of fact) still a big part of my life and I feel bad for not writing. Especially as I know, by the look at my inbox, that people are reading and writing, and that even some girls wanting to get in or out of the sex-industry are turning to me and others to enquire about escorting and other services.

I an deeply sorry for failing these readers. And also a bit sorry for not keeping the others ones entertained, but that is a bit secondary.

Long story short (because after all I don't have to justify myself that much for a virtual absence :), I've been traveling a lot, working a lot, and helping a few friends out. Whenever I had an internet connection, I'd connect and read, maybe start to write a few things, to finally only decide not to press the "SEND" button for reasons unknown to you.

I'll try to make things up to you soon and make things better.

That was the stereotypical "I know I've been away from this blog but I promise this won't happen again but you know you should not believe one word I'm saying here, right?"-post of the month.

I promise this won't happen again


Wow... I realize it's actually been more than 3 whole months.

I really have been pretty damn dead...

Hi there, will check your blog out from time to time, just found myself in a similar situation

Kind regards


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