Your Stories on Prostitution Stings  

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Following the previous series of posts, I received an e-mail from someone named "Patricia", who asked me to publish her story. Here it is, unedited.

I hope this might help some to get an idea of what they might get themselves into, or make them realize the importance of being extremely careful about screening your clients and knowing the surroundings where you will provide services, so as to not make your case worse.

Recently, I was arrested in an escort prostitution sting. I have been doing research on-line to see if I can help my case and I found this website. I decided to share my story so if there are females working as an escort or contemplating doing it, they may know what they are up against.

I am 20 year old college student in the Upstate, NY. I been escorting for about a year. I thought I knew the ropes, the likelihood of getting busted was very low, I knew what to do and, if I got busted, it was unlikely to cause me problems. Was I ever wrong!

I have put ads on the Backpage website for escorting. I got an email and accepted a client and I was to meet him at a major hotel. I drove to the hotel and went to the room. I walked in, looked around and everything seemed in order. We started a little small talk and neither of us was going to get to the point right away. I decided to break the ice by saying "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" as I have done in the past. The man dropped his pants and he had an erection and I raised my skirt and dropped my panties. I touch his penis and he touch my vagina. This has been my modus operandi when I go out escorting. He told me he wanted to have intercourse with me. I told him it would be $300 and I supply the condom. I always use the best. He gave me the money and I gave him the condom. Both of us got undressed. He asked me to lay on the bed and start by masturbating because he liked to watch that. So, I laid on the bed and started to masturbate. This went on for several minutes and, at the time, I was enjoying entertaining him. Then all of a sudden, three men from the adjoining room came in and said, "your under arrested for prostitution." I was immediately handcuffed and I was told to stand there. The police searched my clothes and purse while one of the cops took pictures of me nude while I was handcuffed. After they were finished, they uncuffed me, allowed me to dress, recuffed me and led me out of the hotel into a police car and took me to the police station.

At the police station, I was booked and then they informed me of the charges. They charged me with two felonies. Felony prostitution because they set the sting up within a mile of a school and use of a computer during commission of a crime. They told me they were going to seize my car and computer because they were used in the commission of a crime. I chose not to answer any question and they release me on bail. My roommate bailed me out. The worse was yet to come.

The next day the story was in the local papers, on the local television news and on their websites with all the details of my arrest and my picture. I was publically humilated!

I hired an attorney for $2000 and, if it went to trial, it would be another $5000. He felt he could get the charges reduced by the District Attorney to a misdemenor since I had no police record. He said, if I pled guilty to the misdemenor, I would probably get a $500 fine,get 5 days in jail and would get my record expunge in a year if I stayed out of trouble. My attorney and I met with the District Attorney's office and we were shocked by what happened next.. They said they would drop the use of a computer during commission of a crime charge, which carried up to 5 years in prison, if I pled guilty to the felony prostitution and they would recommend a 3 to 6 month sentance in the county jail. My attorney argued with them about the harshness of their position considering I had no priors. The District Attorney's office said that they were going to make an example out of me and the 2 other girls they arrested that day because the hotels were complaining about prostitution. If I chose not to accept the deal, they would prosecute me for both felonies and if convicted, I could get 7 years in state prison for both charges. What happen next both shocked my attorney and myself. They had a hidden video camera in the room and told us they would show the video of me undressing and masturbating along with the pictures taken by the police at trial. They told me that any evidence presented at trail is a public record and after the trial anyone could get a copy of the video and pictures..

My attorney says at preliminary hearing, he will ask the judge to reduce the charges to a misdemenor, but it is unlikely that he will successful and that I will have to decide to take the offer or risk jury trial. He told me with evidence they have, it was highly likely I would be convicted. This is what I am up against. So be warned!

Thanks a lot to Patricia for sharing this, and again all my best wishes to deal with this mess.

Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 3)  

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As a follow-up to my reply, "Mark" sent me the following to clarify a few points, and I'll disclose them in the same spirit as the previous one.

Just some more thoughts. I realize some people might think I used and exploited this girl. But the fact still remains, she is a whore and she did it voluntarily and she is accepting all the risks of it, including pregnancy. It was her responsibility to have birth control. Every other time I would get a whore, I would get blow jobs and one non-negotiable was I would not pay for a blow job if I had to wear a condom and I would always want to cum in their mouth. If they would agree to that, I would ask them to swallow and it is amazing how many of these whores were willing to swallow my load. If the whore did not want me to cum in their mouth, I would lay back, not react to the blow job and then just blow it in their mouth when they were not expecting it. And on quite a few occassions, I would end up blowing my load right down to their stomach. That was always a lot of fun!!

This will be the penultimate post on this series, before I publish some thoughts, now that you've got everything.

(Sorry, realized this was sitting in my "drafts" folder for a while. I simply forgot about it.)

Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 2)  

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I posted yesterday the e-mail a person identified as "Mark" sent me, where he tells me (the vaguely gruesome) story of how he might have gotten pregnant a gullible escort.

I think it's only fair that I post what I answered, as if his e-mails get full transparency, so should mine.

Like I said yesterday in my other post, I don't have that much time for chit-chat and blogging lately, but I took 15 minutes to write an answer. Which maybe wasn't well articulated or anything, and I'll follow up later, but that was what I replied on the moment.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for sharing this.

First things first: I would actually consider you a very low piece of
shit, but anyone is entitled to their opinions, aren't they? And who
am I t judge who you are and what makes you tick?...

Though as part of my personal philosophy, I don't quite believe in
luck, fate or other tricks and believe in people being responsible for
what happens to them. It's like having a terrible relationship with
someone or being a player and screwing girls. You are responsible for
doing it and you could try to be more considerate of course, but the
girls on the other side are partly responsible for being ignorant of
how things run on that side of the mirror.
So I believe that girl in your story pretty much had it coming and I
wouldn't want to inflict a guilt trip on you. Or at least not 100%.
Let just say I'd draw the line at using prostitution services. That's
fine, you have fun. It's still apparently illegal where you are, but
that's 2 consenting adults doing whatever they want. Impregnanting a
girl and getting a kick out of it is a bit over the line though, if
you ask me.

Would you allow me to post this on the blog? After all it's about the
sex-industry in general and the things you encounter. I think it would
be up to the standard to show girls or guy wanting to get into the
business that they can encounter, well, you. Or someone similar.

Also, I guess it serves a purpose as to show you should never trust anyone.

Of course I won't show neither the e-mail address nor the name, and
*if you want me to* I can change details that could help to screen or
identify you. How much you were charged, the number of kids in the
picture, or even the whole picture thing and the vasectomy could be
shortened to hide specifics. After all, I wouldn't like to get an
e-mail from a woman telling me she was that girl and now she'd be
happy to have your information and track you down. (Wait, actually...
That could be a rather comic story with some karmic justice to it...).

A note though: 150 to 200 is a pretty darn low price for an escort,
that's pretty much what you'd be expecting for street prostitution
without any bell and whistle. Not that it means that the girls doing
this are less competent at what they do and knock your socks off, but
you may want to try to experience something more. More professional,
more classy, and more fun, with everything that goes around it for few
hours and not only getting blown.
But that's your call. I wouldn't want to encourage you in keeping
doing this, but I thought hey, maybe he doesn't know. Or that's just
how he likes it.

Let me know if you're fine with me publishing it.
And if you've got other stories, please feel free to share. And don't
worry, I don't publish anything as long as you don't want to. I
consider that if you wanted it done that way, you'd have posted a
comment or told me upfront. I'll be waiting for a green light for



My Absence  

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I apologize in advance and as well as in retrospect for having been either away or lazy for the past 2 months.

This weblog is (as a matter of fact) still a big part of my life and I feel bad for not writing. Especially as I know, by the look at my inbox, that people are reading and writing, and that even some girls wanting to get in or out of the sex-industry are turning to me and others to enquire about escorting and other services.

I an deeply sorry for failing these readers. And also a bit sorry for not keeping the others ones entertained, but that is a bit secondary.

Long story short (because after all I don't have to justify myself that much for a virtual absence :), I've been traveling a lot, working a lot, and helping a few friends out. Whenever I had an internet connection, I'd connect and read, maybe start to write a few things, to finally only decide not to press the "SEND" button for reasons unknown to you.

I'll try to make things up to you soon and make things better.

That was the stereotypical "I know I've been away from this blog but I promise this won't happen again but you know you should not believe one word I'm saying here, right?"-post of the month.

I promise this won't happen again

Their Stories, Their Responsibilities? (Part 1)  

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From time to time I receive e-mails from visitors, who tell me their own stories. Things they did, things that happened to them.

Some of them do not lead to anything interesting and I just do not feel the need to re-publish them, while some prefer to remain anonymous and I respect their privacy.

But others have substance and their owners grant me the right (or even want me) to publish their stories "as is", or with minor modifications. Here's one of them, untouched.

I've been pretty busy lately so I won't comment on it right away, that will be for an upcoming post.

I found your website ( I read a lot of your site and found it quite interesting.

I am a hobbyist. For years, when I go on business trips, I call escort service. I always get a blow job. I always ask these girls if they have boyfriends and the all do. These guys are completely clueless and I think it is total riot. I have had a lot of girls, like your girl friend. Who knows, maybe she has sucked me.

The best escort story I have is the one and only time I ever fucked whore. As I often do, when I get into my hotel, I look in the phone book and call an escort service for a girl. About 40 minutes after I placed a call, this drop stunningly beautiful strawberry blonde enterred my room (she was a natural strawberry blonde). She gets in there are says it would cost me $150. That was fine with me because I budget $200. Then she pulled out a piece of paper and starts reading the dos and donts (no touching, keep at least 5 feet between us, etc...). All of a sudden, I go "geez, I am looking for some sex." She did a double take and started talking about what the escort service told her (she would be fired if they knew she was involved in prositution). This turned out to be her whoring gig. I told her that she can expect to have sex every time she answers a call because escort services are front for prostituion. She thinks about it and then says. "ok. it is going to cost you $40 more." I told her, "what they don't know won't hurt them." I said ok and she asked me if I had a condom. Since I always get blow jobs (and I was expecting to get one this time), I did not have any. When I told her no, she said, "geez, I am fertile." I am immedaitely thought I had to fucking this chick. I told her I had a vasectomy several years before. She said to me, "you're not lying?". I pulled my out wallet and show her a picture I had of my sister's 4 kids and I told her I was paying child support and I don't need to be paying anymore child support. She agreed. I gave her $190 and we undressed.

I happened to ell endowed and she first mentioned that I haad the biggest cock she has ever seen. We got in bed and fucked mish. I asked her if her boyfriend knew what she was doing and she said, "what he does not know won't hurt him." As I was fucking her all I could think about combing into her fertile womb. She was moaning and screaming. Eventually, I came inside her. It was the best fuck I ever had and she told me it was the best fuck she ever had and she had cum 3 times. It really turned her on knowing that guys would pay her to fuck and she would keep doing this if the "sex was that good". We were kissing and I asked her, "so how does it feel to be a whore" and she blushed and did not want to anwwer the question. Eventually, she said she could not have imagined doing this when she was in high school.

She got dressed and we kissed at the door. Before she left, I said, "just remember, you born a virgin and now your are going to die a whore". She gave me this wry smile and then left.

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when she found out she was pregnant!!



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