My Online Male Courtesans, Their Idiocy  

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Yes, *my* online *male courtesans*. Not G.'s. Mine.

Since I've joined Facebook, I get a pretty decent amount of requests for people to become my friends. And considering my profile picture could be a little misleading (and that the average IQ of the world's population depressingly seems to be going down at rocket-speed), guess what percentage of that charming population is male?

Bottom line, every time I connect, I have idiots (in general) asking me immediately for online sex, or private encounters, or trying to "charm" (laughing my ass off here) me with the dumbest pick up lines ever invented.

I thought I'd do a small compilation of these, but I could not resist but to post the last one I received: gf is goin out of town next month...let me know if your free?...can meet up sometime...stayin at orchard rd..cheers

Isn't that plain sweet? Not only that guy wants to pay for sex (ethics subject to debate here...), but also obviously only does it behind his girlfriend's back, and most importantly is sending that to a dude (me) who quite despises this job and even more the gentlemen like him on the other side.
That picture was just so surrealistic that I couldn't help to laugh...

That being said, sometimes some interesting conversations come out of these improbable encounters, and idiots like the one I just mentioned probably wouldn't even go as far as to buy sex from me if I really were an escort and are just looking around and satisfying their curiosity. And the rest are just lame online players who are lurking around for some hypothetic bimbo dream girl who would be hovering around the Facebook limbos, waiting for such a desirable White Knight.

It sort of makes you loose all hope and respect in humanity.

Anyway, sorry for staying below the radar for a while. I haven't been reading nor writing in almost a month, waiting for G. to come back. Well, actually I have a few things lined up, that I wrote during the last month, but I never got around to posting them. I'll try to do that soon and tell you about what happen to G., me, and us in general lately. And until then I'll try to catch up with all the blogs and articles I haven't been reading.

In the meantime, I'll see who else wants to date me online, or wonders if I do bareback or if I would be available on Friday for Hell knows what...


It's the naked angel-wing photo, dude. LOL.

Must be really wierd being a guy and getting a first-hand glimpse into how uncouth guys can be.

Hope you and G. are doing ok.

Hi I'm JB

I just wanted to say hi and tell you your a pretty cool guy to do what your doing. I can't imagine what its like but good for you. I take my hat off to you. I found your blog through well Don't be a slut...who I love and adore. Listen keep it up your a good guy and you know it will all work out in the end it always does.

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

Take Good Care

@Don't Be a Slut:
I'm sure it is, ahah :)
But still, it's funny to see the confusion from time to time, or that people are used to make (weird and potentially dangerous) assumptions when they are online.

And yes, it's definitely weird sometimes to see how people consider the opposite sex. Whatever the point of view may be. Kind of freaky, occasionally.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

I really appreciate it, and really thank you for taking the time to read and say this.

I wouldn't necessarily put on blindfold on and believe everything you wrote though. It doesn't always end up the right way. That just isn't true, and reading the newspapers is more than you need to convince yourself of this harsh reality. However, it does come up with an happy ending for many people. I certainly do believe in that.
I guess if you have a Christian (you mentioned Easter) point of view, you can consider that no matter what, the Creator will be the judge and everything will be alright. Unfortunately I do not really follow this approach.

Thanks again for reading and commenting, that was very nice of you.

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