Her Third Life (Getting a Grip ... or Not?)  

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Last time we left G. on this story line, she was now in cruise-control-mode to become a high-paid stripper. She did not intend to keep doing this forever though. But she still wants the high-life. The dilemma remains.

When she's not half-drunk every night or half-baked every morning, she realizes that she misses deeply some parts of her life, some things she enjoyed doing when she was a normal child, not that long ago. And she longs for it, and considering she's got the money, she's decided to get it. She sets aside enough money to get started with her passion and develops her talent in that area of hers. She sleeps until late in the morning, is a very dedicated self-taught artist in the afternoon, and during the night.

When she reaches, quite rapidly, a satisfying level of mastery at her art, she makes it to another city where she enrolls in a prestigious and expensive school under her real-name.

Things start to get straighter, for a while, but there's this constant fear of seeing familiar faces appear at every corner. Strip-club clients, violent ex-boyfriends, manipulative ex-girlfriends, and above all fearsome relatives. Cars and strangers seen from afar who remotely recall scenes from past times and now really distant places still force her to turn into dark-alleys and brace herself for unpleasant encounters, until she relaxes and walks away. She never completely lets go off this fear.

But then the studies is more expensive than she thought, and studying during the day and bar-tending and stripping at night is not that easy. It worns you out quite quickly, and now that she has found her profound career call, she doesn't want to let go.

She gets out of school temporarily to concentrate and making cash and get back in. When she's at school, she's 100% into it and amazes teachers and peers, both for her very uncommon and sometimes odd and uneducated behavior - as if she would not be aware of the standard social boundaries - and her dedication to tasks at hand. She's not a typical straight-A's student, because she does not focus on every aspects of it, but the ones that care don't leave much room for improvement.

But the better she gets, the more work it requires, the more time, and even the more travel to attend events. And, naturally, more money.

And she goes heavier than ever on alcohol and drugs, the sacred elements of creativity in artistic spheres, and the only pieces of enlightenment and joy one can get when working like a mad person without any external sources of entertainment, if you except the mere pleasure of attracting more and more attention as time goes by, and to feel more and more pleased yourself by flirtatious and sexual encounters in your underground scene.

After a while she cannot take it anymore: she needs money to reach her goals, more time to focus on them and enjoying life, and more of both to go back to the high-life she misses so much, the one where before her 15s she could afford to really rent places on her own without concern in fancy towers in city centers. She wants the clothes, the party time and the fun back, because art is more about passion than fun, and work is just depleting.

So, when you are a tall, foxy and not so innocent girl about to enter the second half of your teens, and you need a crazy shit-load of money without working a freakishly high amount of manhours per week, what do you do?



I am writing to you because I am helping a girl I know to set up her own blog. She is a smart but uneducated Thai girl who now works as an escort in Bangkok.

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Kindly for Noon,


Hello Noon/Robert,

thanks for stopping by.
I don't really do link-exchanges. After all I am not a big fan of this industry either way, and I am not necessarily keen on promoting it.

However, if the blog is more personal than commercial, and that I have some interest in reading it, I will had it to my side-links and to the list of blogs I follow.

And to stick with the topic of this blog, then what do you think of Noon's profession, Robert? (and how well do you know her, if you can say at all?)

H., how old is G.? And how long has she been in the life?

@Don't Be a Slut:
Staying vague for obvious reasons (these are already explained in the same terms in some posts). So:

We're (now) past our mid-20s.

She's been in the business for (more than) 10 years if you consider all sorts of sex industries.

She's been escorting/prostituting for (more than) 5 years on and off.

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