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I didn't know if that post was better suited for a "you" or a "them"... It changes from the former to the latter on the way...

When I was looking for people's testimonies and asking them to share with me their own experiences, I did not really expect the kind of contribution I just received. A reader (let's call him Y) just stumbled upon my weblog and decided to share with me his own experience. As it happens, Y was also involved with an escort.

The first big difference between Y and me is that, though we both didn't know about our respective girlfriends' activities at the beginning, we discovered it in very different lights. For me, as previously explained here, I discovered the truth by myself, and pushed her to come forward and be honest with me. For Y, it all happened in a harshed manner. His girlfriend, with whom he had been for already a quite time, got busted by the police as part of a prostitution network dismantlement. I am sure all the escorts reading this blog can imagine what it must have been like for her. The problem is, Y got humiliated too, and very badly. So much that is reaction was quite the opposite of mine, and that instead of supporting his girlfriend, he apparently caught her off, and dedicated significant effort and time to convey his vendetta and get his name cleared while having other escorts "pay" for what had happened to him.

You'll find below the e-mail he sent me, with some modifications to obfuscate Y's identity. Feel free to share what you think of his reaction. I think it's understandable, though it's one I would condemn. I'd publish my own comments later, which I already shared with him.

In 19XX, when I was X years old, I had the most humiliating and embarrassing experience of my life. I had a [younger] girlfriend, who I had been with for almost X years. She was arrested in an escort prostitution sting. I was publicly embarrassed, humiliated and devastated. I survived because of the support of my friends. My buddies convinced their girlfriends/wives and other females to shun her for what she did to me. I wanted to do something to get back at her but never had the opportunity.

[years] later, I read where the police used a confidential informant in an escort prostitution bust. [an acquaintance of mine] was [...] in the State Police (the state will remain nameless). He knew about what happened to me with my ex-girlfriend/whore. I asked him about it and he told the State Police uses confidential informants to break up prostitution rings. I asked him if I could do this for the police and he was willing to consider me if the time came.

When I was X [years old], my friend asked me I was still interested and, of course, I said yes. I was looking forward to this day as a chance to get even with these escorts/whores for my embarrassment. He worked out of a city, which too will remain nameless, about X miles from where I lived. I met with him and other officers to discuss this and set up their plans.

They had about X high-end escorts who were flaunting what they were doing and the police wanted to bring them down and make examples of them. These X whores would only accept clients that were referred to them by each other or other select few escorts they trusted that were looking to break into the bigger money of high end escorts.

The police had been tipped off about one of these want-to-be high end escorts that did not show discretion when she had been drinking in some of the “power bars”. Upon investigation, they realized that the high-end escorts/whores used her as a source to confirm the viability and safety of potential clients. The police set a trap and she walked right into it. She got charged with felony prostitution because the set-up location was strategically placed within a half a mile of school. When busted, they offered her the chance to be an informant and they would drop the all the charges. She agreed.

When I met with the police, they gave me a cover story where [traveling business man cover story]. This job would not give me the time to find a girlfriend and I was using escorts for my sexual needs. They used the same apartment and furnished it with high priced clothes, furniture and other objects and the apartment was wired for sound. The police wanted not just to charge the whores with prostitution but also tax evasion. The plan was to get the confidence of these whores and get them to admit critical information. The plan was to get them secure with me and after fucking them (with a condom), get them to open up. The two questions they wanted answered were how long they have been escorts and how frequently do they do prostitute themselves.

The initial sessions with each of them would no questions, just establish a rapport with them. I would contact the whore and she would want a reference. I would give the name of the previously arrested whore and she would call her confirming that I was legitimate and not an undercover cop. The whore would arrive and I would escort her into the bedroom. I would have an envelope on the bed with $XXXX and the word "donation" on the outside of the envelope. She would take the envelope into the bath room and come out naked and over the course of 3 hours, we would fuck (but to the whore I would say "make love"). I would tell her she was the best I ever had, tell her how lonely I was in town, she was gorgeous, etc... On the second session, I would ask her tame questions like what restaurants she went to, what she liked to do in town, what are the best things to do on the weekends, etc... She would usually start answering those questions on the second or third sessions I had with them. Once she did that, I would have follow-up sessions were I would ask other innocent questions and then ask "how long have you been escort". On the next session, it would be similar and then I would ask her "how many times a week to you do this?" After that, I was to ask embarrassing questions like do one do bachelor parties, "have you had sex with under-aged boys", etc...

Over a [...] period, I would come to town a couple of times a week and fuck the whores. During that time, I had about 25 whoring sessions. This was the best sex I ever had. Every time I fucked them, all I could think about was "you are going to be arrested on felonies".

After they got all the information from the X whores, I was asked to be part of the arrests. I was given a police uniform and a badge. My job was to taunt and belittle them so they would get angry. People who get arrested and are angry run their mouth. When I showed up for their arrests, these whores got very angry at me, like they had been betrayed by a lover. I would tell them they were a lousy fuck and I was the one that informed them they were being arrested on felony charges. During their questioning, my job was to laugh at some of their answers and comments. Over a course of a weekend, all [...] were arrested.

Eventually, I had to testify in front of a grand jury and at their trial. All X were convicted of numerous felony prostitution charges and tax evasion. They were sentenced to X to X years in prison.

I got my revenge!


For full transparency, within the limits of anonymity, here's what I replied to Y:

Hey Y,

Thanks for sharing. I had mixed feelings reading your e-mail though...

I can understand you felt betrayed, and that you wanted revenge. I guess from your point of view you definitely consider that your girlfriend was cheating on you, and I also understand that the "outing" can be really embarrassing (that would be a pretty big problem for me professionally I guess, though I would not feel particularly embarrassed as I stand by her).

However - and considering I don't know under which conditions your girlfriend was doing this job and her reasons to do it, especially considering you had been together for X years, maybe I'm just being the devil's advocate - it probably was an even harder situation to endure for your girlfriend, a greater humiliation, a hard decision for her to do this job in the first place, and not a really satisfying position to have to lie to you about it.

Anyway, I don't consider prostitution a good thing, even though my girlfriend is working in that area, and I would not condemn you partaking in the arrests and trying to help law enforcements. Quite the opposite, I would say that your approach is that you try to help. I would however condemn the fact that these kind of arrests don't solve any of the problems that make prostitution what is is in the first place: they just bring humiliation and social pressure to lots of people for no real practical outcome and improvement.

Besides, you got revenge on "whores", but they were *not* your girlfriend, and maybe were not in the business for the same reasons. Stories are all different. I also doubt your girlfriend was trying to hurt you back then.

Finally, when it comes to you bragging about fcking them, that doesn't make you really better than anyone else, though I would probably excuse you because of the perverse addiction of the power trip that probably provided you with. And there's something I don't get: if you'd been with your girl for almost X years how come you never knew ? how come she needed the money? Or was she doing it for the power, the drugs, or the sex?
Did she ever tell you why?

Your story is very interesting because it sheds light on another aspect of the prostitution business and from the same point of view as mine.
Do you have anything against me publishing this (without your address or other information published in the e-mail header, of course. I can also leave out the parts about your age, dates, locations, number of people convicted and so on to make it completely tamed). If you're opposed to it I won't and would maybe only refer indirectly to your story at some point, but never use it.

And for what it's worth: my girlfriend was also arrested for prostitution, before I knew her, though. And quite recently a very big escort prostitution ring was dismantled, and she noticed in the newsclips that partial photos of her were out there in newspapers and online. We were thinking she might get contacted by the police anytime soon if the agencies working in that ring had kept information on her, but it never happened. Maybe they were cautious, or she's not worth the trouble. And that is already a more decent approach to "fixing" things. The girls are merely responsible for "minor" side-effects, [and these are mostly false accusations without any ground]: breaking couples, transmitting STDs (though usually, they're all very cautious and clean, which is not the case of all the clients)... Whereas the agencies generate a huge amount of money, exploit them, and continue to develop this image of objectified women (and men) as sexual objects. Interestingly, men escorts (some involved with celebrities) have less problems with law enforcement agencies. I would consider that difference already a much bigger problem.

Feel free to send more information to answer the questions above, I'm really curious to know more about your situation when you were still dating your girlfriend. Where you in a committed relationship? I assume you were supposed to be exclusives? Had you both made it clear? Were you living together? How did your relationship work out? You say you were humiliated and embarrassed... but that's only a reference to the point of view of other people around you. Were you hurt? Did you love her? Did she love you? What did she do after that happened. Do you know if she's still doing it? That sort of things...



And here are the answers I got from Y:

[about his humiliation:]

As I see it, my humilation was worse than hers.

[which may be true or not, after all I don't know their situation]

[about the "whores":]

As I look at it, they brough the humilation on themselves, but my humilation was beyond words.

[about his girlfriend inflicting pain on him:]

I am sure she did not do it intentionally, but tha pain was real

[about the "why", "how" and the fact he didn't know of her doing:]

She was using her computer to contact they guys using a Hotmail account I was completely unaware of. She wanted live the high-life and she was using the money to libe it at my expense.

I recently stumbled upon my gf being a prostitute... your blog has helped me a lot and I would like to contact you when I get access to my computer so I have someone to talk to about this... ad you can imagine there are not many people in this situation willing to talk about it...

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