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I got an e-mail recently from an escort concerned about things I wrote here, in regards to G. performing oral (thanks your concern, by the way).

Yes, she does that sometimes.

But with various levels of flexibility depending on the level of the rate and of trustworthiness of the client.

In general she just doesn't offer oral of any kind to first-time clients at her normal rates.

Then depending on the rate, for a significant extra she'd do protected oral (I won't go into using all the acronyms used on review website, I'm not there yet). And it will remain as it is for some time.

More regular clients get protected oral and the right to jerk off on her for extra prices.

Really regular clients, or clients she really enjoys spending time with, and pay lots, she had sometimes asked them to provide clinical results beforehand.
Some just can't be bothered, in which case it stays as it is. Some will gladly do the test. She even has one of her agencies who gladly refers the clients to a clinic, so that results can be trusted (yeah, on the one hand, if a guy can buy a girl for a night, guess he could buy a printer and a medical clerk).

And she gets tested regularly herself, as do I.

She never caught anything bad, except a thrush every once in a while, that is apparently completely benign (she's just apparently predisposed to a certain kind).
She had once a terminated pregnancy though. She doesn't know for sure which client it was, but she learnt she was 3 weeks pregnant a few years ago, before I knew her. Most probably, a malformed condom, or some guy who was not careful and dripped and she did not notice. She's been extra careful since then. She puts the condoms on and discards them afterwards herself.

There were times, a few years ago, where she would go out of her way for a lot of extra cash and do oral with no protection.

When I learned that I was quite shocked. Not because of whatever some people may think it means for me, but for the risks it represents for her. I just can't imagine a girl playing with her life like that. It actually struck me personally with other girls I dated before G., who after just a few dates, would ask if I would like to have sex without condoms. Hell no, you think a few dates are enough to know each other, build trust, and know your medical history?? Think again.

I guess some readers will think that if she did it, she probably still does it and just doesn't say it.

I sincerely don't think so (otherwise I wouldn't be taking any chances), and trust her with that. She's a pro and has been at it for a while, these rare regulars are quite close to her, and I believe her when she says that more often than not she now talks them out of it when they express the idea, mostly because of me.
Like I said earlier, she has a hard time now going at it with clients and not thinking of me (even if only after the job). And of course sex itself is already difficult at times, but un-protected oral apparently fucks her mind upside-down.

The last time she did it with a client she cried herself to sleep for 2 days. It makes her feel cheap, used, and unworthy of being with someone. That was a long time ago, though.

Sometimes I read blogs of girls with stories about such services too, and I wonder if they know what they're doing.
I wonder how they deal with it if they're involved with someone, and how that person reacts to it.

I'd be glad to hear people share their experiences and opinions about this.

I'd also be glad to talk more about this topic in general. I think it's really important that girls get a bullet-proof sexual education when it comes to diseases when they want to start that job. Unfortunately, not all agencies would go at great length to make sure they're in the know. If there is any agency involved, anyway.

Like I said, I was pretty shocked when I talked with G. about various things, and realized that she got startet with that life-style so early that she barely had an education for it, and picked everything up on the go.
It's quite laughable at times (I pick on her, saying that I picture what used to be a completely innocent girl with barely a clue of what she's doing and trying to reproduce fantasies and movies), and also completely scary. Because if you start with no basics at all, you're bound to make mistakes.


I'm curious to know how you met your tell :)

Funny that you would request that exactly when the post about how we met had already been written and was waiting for automatic delivery...

Are you looking over my shoulder or what??! ;-)

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