Our Valentine's Day 2009 (The Real Deal)  

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I took a night-bus from our place to the club. It's a pretty hype club on the outter rings of the city. She loves it there. It's like a perfect mix of things she really enjoys herself, and things she likes to have to socialize and party. Music she likes, but also music she likes to goof on. Fancy interior and rooms, shiny happy people, but also some more cosy alcoves for more intimate parties. Good ethnic food, but also the pricey cocktails. This was my Top 1 on my 5-reservations' list, and I kept calling all night long since 7 PM to force them not to give away our table and alcove, certifying them I'd come eventually and pay extra.

When I get there, I am actually surprised that they held my reservation that long, it's now around 1AM. The guy screams at me for a good 5 minutes, that it's Valentine's Day and he cannot have this and that I am crashing his business and bla bla bla. Someone really wants a great tip at the end of the night...

So I wait here in a private alcove and wait for her. I get a message around 2:15PM from a friend, telling me G.'s done with her job and his coming, thinking she'll join them. I ask her to tell her she has to ask for her name, that they booked a private room.

And from 3 to 3:30PM, I stand up like an idiot facing the alcove's door with my flowers. With some waitresses coming in a few times by mistake and having a good laugh at me or giving me a cute smile; which, I assume, means they would probably like the attention. that makes me only even more nervous, I feel like a freakin' teenager again! And then she bursts in, starting to yell something to her ghostly friends to cover the loud music.

And sees me and starts crying, falling into my arms.

Best Valentine's Day memory *ever*, ladies and gentlemen.

The bad thing is, I don't think I can ever top that...


Thats wondeful!!!!!!!! Lucky Girl!!!

thanks :)

But like I said, kill me now if I have to top that next year...

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