Our Valentine's Day 2009 (The Masterplan)  

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Or should I call it what our valentine's minute...
Read and see for yourself :)

As you might have noticed, my previous post was sent at around 10PM on the 14th. The thing is I was away for almost 2 weeks now, but decided to come home just a bit earlier because A) I missed her B) I had already told my bass to kiss my ass, so adding an early departure to the bill could not matter that much C) because I wanted to make it on time and surprise her on Valentine's Day.

Now the weird thing is, for people who know me, I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. I think it's overly stressful, puts to much pressure on everybody, and turns things that should be lovely and simple into traps to generate heat and lightning thunder.

Buuut, I also happen to think that if you're completely overwhelmed by your work all year long, as we are, it's not a bad thing to use some special - even if pre-fabricated - occasions to have some romance in your relationship, and remind each other that you are special to one another. Now OK, I know, you should not reminders to know you are and she is special. Well it's just how it is. Sometimes, you do. And if you cannot tell if at this very moment he or she needs that tiny reminder, then you just better jump on the opportunity just in case.

And I also think that, between Christmas, Easter and Valentine's, though all being from a christian religious origin that I don't give much crap about, I still prefer the one that symblizes true Love with the people you want to live (or share at least that date) with. And don't get me started on Mother's Day and all its friends!

So I was about to jump on a train this morning to head back home, when I received a call from a friend telling me he wanted to go down to the city for the week-end, and could give me a ride. Perfect. Let's have a quick road-trip, I hadn't seen him in a while.

And so we drove off, heading for the city. Tiny problem: we have to speed like crazies to make it on time to be there before midnight, so that I could still surprise G. by having her open the front door on me all suited-up with roses (can you say "cheesy") or at least crawling from exhaustion, throwing at her a flower plucked from the neighbours' pot, and crashing on the bed after one breathless kiss (at the time, that sounded more like it...).

While we were driving, I started to organize the plan. You know, the plan. The. Freaking. Masterplan. The one you cannot miss.

  • Booking 5 differents tables in restaurants and bar-clubs down-town and in the hype suburbs for 2 to X persons,
    so that she can pick the level according to her mood, the time, her friends, and wardrobe -> checked.

  • Calling a (single and not dating) friend to get my dry-cleaning and allow me to change at her place. Oooohh I will have to pay for this and no, I don't mean "paying" in a naughty, and no, G.'s not jealous of her. But I can bet I will have to run errands for her for a month...). Anyway -> checked.

  • Calling the florist to have roses delivered at home at 6PM to still have something in case I'm too late and have her know I think of her, and still believe I won't make it on time -> checked.

  • Calling again the same florist to have other roses delivered to the previous friend for me to pick up when I come home -> checked.

  • Booking a hotel room in a decent hotel with decent room service to do nothing on the 15th, though probably at loss because my guess was she'd prefer us to end the night at home -> still checked.

How does that sound to you? Personally, I was pretty proud of myself. Well, between pride and disgust for falling for all the cutsy usual VD stuff, but I felt like it.

But still, we were running late, My buddy and me, and the freeway was far from being deserted.

From (girl-)friends of G. I knew she had no plans for the night, except maybe drinks with some girls around 1 AM (the typical no-dates-on-VD sad night program), and from another escort, that she - at least apparently - had no professional booking for the night. That last point was my biggest concern: to do all this for nothing (well I thought she would still have appreciated me doing all this, even if it were in vain. that's something, isn't it?), and that she would have to spend that night with yet another guy in quest for that "GirlFriend Experience" on Valentine's Day. After all VD is another pretty good day for sex-workers (or at least with non-married clients).

We made it through the city gates and bridges around 10:40PM, and he dropped me at my friends' place around 11PM. So far, so good. I took a shower because I smelled like a 3-weeks old dead skunk, got changed in a heartbeat (suit, tie in the pocket for the restaurant. She likes me in a tie, but it's hard to tell when she really wants me to wear it and when she just wants to see me with it and then discard it), and grabbed the flowers and a cab.

It's 11:20 when I make it to the corner of the street, and see some light on our floor, and I think I could be overly-melodramatic (well, I thought that was already done anyway...) and wait till 11:55 or something, but decided it's wrong to impose torture (and take a chance). So I get in and wait for the damn elevator to take me up there, slowly.

And then I knock on the door.

And there's nothing.
Except a tiny voice in my head telling me with Rowan Atkinson's voice: "How do you feel now, bunch of idiots?"

I so much had in my mind a picture of her opening the door, either dressed to go out or still drapped in a robe or towel after getting out of the shower, and looking at me surprised, with that smile of hers starting to appear, like when we argue about something and she finally acknowledge's I deserve a win, or when I make up for some mistake and she gives me the cold treatment, but ultimately starts to relax. That moment, the one when she just *starts* smiling, as if thinking "alright, you made it, but just for this one time!"

And here goes nothing. It's 11:30 something, and I'm here dumbstruck. What can I do? I could keep the flowers for tomorrow, I could move the late reservations (probably blacklisted anyway already...), and do it all over tomorrow? What about telling her I'm coming back home tomorrow night?

And what about *calling*, you idiot?

But first, I need to be sure she's not sleeping, so I get in. And I see the flowers I sent earlier this afternoon (good, at least that I didn't fuck up!), standing in a vase, with my card in front of them. And a note next to them saying only this:

"If by any chance you're coming home tonight, I'm sorry but I have a booking.
Thanks for the flowers. They're beautiful.

Love you"

I think the thing that touched me the most out of this is not the fact that she loves me, liked the flowers, or that I feel for her having to do this job on Valentine's Day. It's that she *foresaw* I might be that kind of idiot who would terminate a remote business meeting to surprise her (It also got me thinking that, if I had not done it, the look on her face when she would have come home and found nothing but her note, standing here and completely useless, would have been just as the painful on the reverse scale). That's simply a wonderful feeling. Try it, seriously!

So she's on a job at the moment I'm reading her note. That hurts, it feels like I fucked up, but her note makes me just super-happy.

I decide to call her, thinking I'd get her machine, as I usually do when she's working.

Except she was not working at the moment. Don't worry, it won't end in a fairy-tale. The guy did not cancel or anything, and I won't be able to give her the roses just on the 12th strucl of midnight. I say I call her to wish her an happy Valentine's, and ask what she's up to. Well at first I get a vocal beating for calling that late on Valentine's Day, cold moron that I am (indeed, I called everybody that night, but not her... there was more than a crack in the masterplan after all). And I can sense she's a bit disapppointed. Remember the note. She probably thinks now that I won't be home.

I thought of telling her, because that is just mean to break the hopes she had. After all she hoped I'd be home. But she's going on a job in a few minutes, and what's better: to cheer her up and let her go on a job, which will make her incredibly sad for not being with me and having sex with someone else? Or to just comfort her, let her do her job professionally, and tell her I'll see her soon? I go for the second one, don't you think? Of course I do. (though I can also see coming a mean side-effect, as she would later realize that she *still* was out fucking some else on Valentine's Day when I did everything. Either way, that's bound to happen...).

And I ask when she'll be done, and if she has other plans. And yes she does, she's got a second job with no sex involved until 2AM at a function, and then she was thinking of joining her friends if they're still out. So I wish her good night, tell her I love her, and hang up.

And text all her friends to tell her when she comes out that they still are at one of the clubs where I booked a table. And I realize I have to ask one of them to call her to say the them, just in case she would be too tired and wouldn't bother calling.

It's 00:35 on the 15th when I get out.

The masterplan failed, but I get a second chance. For now.


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