Our Valentine's Day 2009 (It's the 15th already??)  

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The rest of the evening is pretty sweet too, actually.

After lots of crying, a bit of hitting me (go figure... :) ), and the sweetest kisses I had in a long time, we can finally have dinner (I didn't eat since the previous morning! And she's super hungry too. Bring the damn food!), share two decent bottles of wine, even dance a little (doesn't sound like it, but that's a crazy feat for me... the things you do on Valentine's!), and just sit together on a couch holding each other. With the same waitresses stopping by from time to time, knocking on the door this time, to see if "that guy waiting with the roses" finally got lucky, and even one of them telling them she'd wish her guy would do something like that (Thanks, I have to say! And well deserved tips for some really nice waitresses!) and look at us like with puppy-eyes like we're made of sugar.

A few other drinks later, we walk out the door (hanging on to the wall, a little...), and walk a little on street hand-in-hand or holding each other again, with the bouquet of roses.

We finally call a cab on the street, and when I ask if she wants to go home she says she's exhausted, but when I ask if she could hold on for more, she smiles, and I ask the driver to drive to the hotel.

The room service had been kind enough to have candles and wine prepared as I had asked (freaking tip for the bus-boy again), and she just cannot stop smiling (the receptionist grinds a bit too much too, when he hands me over my swipe-card... nevermind:). Though she also reprimends me because I already pulled that one off a long time ago, one of the first times I took her out to dinner on a special occasion, and says it could get old... Right, that didn't look like the smile of someone who's bored!

And from there we have of course a very romantic, loving, sensual, kinky, fiery [adjectives getting stronger here] night. We play with one another for a very long time until she's satisfied, and we enjoy the room's huge bathtub with some more wine, until we get intoxicated again and end up having sex everywhere in the room and balcony and fall asleep when the sun is already shining bright and high in the sky.

All I can say is, these smiles on her face when I she opened the door on me at the club, when she saw the room, and this afternoon when I woke her up and took her home to end up in our apartment's bedroom again, they're just priceless.

Simply priceless.

Here's to you, Saint Valentine. I used you, you made it, but just for this one time!


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