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I dropped G. this morning at her rendez-vous with MrRich. They were meeting at the airport, so I drove her there with her 2 suitcases earlier this morning with the bike. We had a quick brunch at one of airport's cafes and waited for MrRich.

Yes, we both waited, because G. had apparently told him lots about me (well, it's all relative, I guess I know more about him than the other way around) on previous occasions, and he's always wondering how that situation of ours can work out and wanted to meet me.

The Hell if I know why... Maybe it's a territorial thing to make clear than she's not mine for a month (or more). Or he's got issues with it and wonders how the couple he's getting in the middle of actually looks like.

Anyway, I finally decided that was too creepy and took off half an hour before he arrived, to G.'s relief. That was a crappy idea in the first place. I got her a trailer for the bags, made sure she has everything she needed for the (fairly long) flight to come, kissed her good bye and took off.

It feels quite weird, I have to say.

It's not a completely new situation for us, but that crazy "meet the John" game in the "the Escort, The John and the Looser" series didn't feel quite right.

Still have the same feelings I discussed the other day that I feel like I broke something, that she's not completely capable of doing this job anymore. Which is a good and a bad thing.
She used to be able to enjoy this kinf of experiences fully, enjoying all the perks, potentially enjoying the sex, and especially enjoying to get paid for it.
But now I could see she was puzzled. But at least she feels safe with him, and even says she likes his company.

It crossed my mind to turn around and take a peek at MrRich from a distance, but I decided otherwise and drove off.


wow. thats just nuts to me that you let your girl leave with some guy you dont even know...AND she tells u she likes his company and his sex....

I just cant grasp that. I hope you are not harboring feelings of unworthiness. Bc that would def make me feel not good enough for her.

Why is money so important to her that she would leave her "love" to go be with anothe guy for a WHOLE MONTH and maybe LONGER??

I couldnt leave my babe for longer than a week without freaking out lol

Hey Natalie,

I think your surprise and your concerns are valid. We probably just have a dramatically different view on these matters. I can completely understand that this would sound crazy for many people.

I'll reply at length in an upcoming post.


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