My Way Home  

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My Way Home

I am currently on my way home, typing this from a friend's car (who knows about both the girlfriend and the blog, don't worry). I've been away a while as I said earlier, and I can't wait to come home and take G. in my arms. This is a silly post, but I just cannot help it.

I read the other day Thursay's Child's story of her first kiss with her partner, and I just thought of it again and now it makes me miss dearly my own signficant other.

Now drive faster, driver!

(especially because today's the 14th, until midnight, and I have to be on time...)


awwww now THATS romantic =) Rushing home to see your love on Valentines Day and taking her in your arms for a slow passionate kiss


Love is a sweet thing =)

Thanks, appreciate it :)

that was a hard earned kiss though, ahah! :)

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