My Second Day Alone  

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It's been almost 2 days since she left. I don't expect news from her at the moment, as they were mostly supposed to be switching planes during lay-overs.

I had a text message from her business phone sent to her personal "escort"-phone that she left here to contact me. Things seemed to have been going great, she's exhausted from the flying, but the business class is awesome.

The not so enjoyable thing to read is when she wrote she still wants to be part of the club of people having sex on airplanes, but also still hopes she won't make it into the club with someone else [than me]. I would gladly have skipped that part.
It's been a fantasy of hers, and she never had the opportunity, which she thinks is a total shame considering her personal and professional track records (who's counting, right? let's not turn everything into a competition...).
Though she gave people oral on airplanes, but that doesn't count.

What the heck am I rambling about...

Sometimes I wish G. would be blogging too that she would write a blog like Alexa's, for instance, so that I could know what she's up too.
Though Alexa's blog is a bit weird for me to read. It's at the same time really enjoyable, but also overly positive. It's tied to her business, and narratives of encounters with clients cannot be negative for that very reason.

But still, I wonder sometimes what she's up to, and even though knowing something might drive me made (remember, spare me the details, if you don't mind), considering how much I know from what she's done with clients (though I probably know only 5% of the whole thing), I guess I'd be fine, and at least I could have first hand a confirmation that she's OK and having fun.

Anyway, I've been up to nothing lately, mostly working, and trying to dodge my boss whenever I could.
He's still a bit piss about me leaving him hanging the last time on Valentine's Day, but on the other hand we had nothing to loose with these potential lousy business partners.

Ah well, and now I ramble about my work-life, which has nothing do to here.

Better off to bed.


I wish I could find a boyfriend like you.

Thanks Peridot :)
I'm sure you can find one. And I wish you all the best in that quest.

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