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G.'s been finishing her preparations for the trip. She reviewed with the agency the terms of the contract one last time before signing, pack a full-bag of various clothing attire, from clasy business outfits to swim-suits, not forgetting everything needed for the bedroom (before you ask: no I don't mind *too much* that she would use things she bought for us or that I bought for her on the job, but she usually keeps professional and personal stuffs separated, even if identical): lingerie, toys, creams, a few costumes.
Not that it matters anyway, MrRich is the type of person who could just buy all of this on-the-fly, and actually have someone buy it for him and drop it at the hotel.

The schedule has been slightly reviewed, she'll be attending:

  • a private company's race car competition
  • a public automobile event
  • a day out in a theme park with MrRich's young kids
  • a sail-boat cruise in the pacific
  • for the moment, 5 business dinners
  • for the moment, 1 private dinner with MrRich's friends
  • a night out at a local swingers' club

This is a short-list of the events she *has* to attend, as specified on her contract. These all have fixed dates. To that will be added other things, such as night outs to casino and strip-clubs, and possibly some days off at the beach or in the mountains.

The rates have been modified in accordance, and she just received another professional phone to use on the trip, paid by MrRich, as are the visas for the countries to be visited (wonder how that's done).

I am surprised a contract of that sort does not even specify the limits of what MrRich will be allowed to expect from G. in their intimacy. Maybe it comes from the fact that it's illegal in some of the countries they'll be visiting. G. says it's just not how things are done, and that it still is like normal agencies in countries where prostitution is illegal: sexual services are never acknowledged and are left to the mutual consent of the present parties (my ass :) wait. sorry, hers...)

She's been doing UV sessions to get a decent tan quickly, worked out the past 3 days to get in shape, and has been buying language books for some of the destinations where she cannot use one of the languages she masters. She bought in advance a new night-gown, knowing MrRich won't paying for these, and willing to surprise him (he's usually a good tipper, and it's a double win as he also likes her to be completely herself when they're not in a social environment).

The only thing she's slightly concerned about is going away for so long (the longest contracts she ever had while I was with her were for 2 weeks, though she had longer ones when she was single), and this particularity of MrRich to sometimes be a bit unpredictable. Not in a too offensive way (like I said, apparently MrRich is a gentleman, sort of), but in the "honey, we take off for the Maldives in two hours" way. And she likes things to be planned.

Also, the bigger the job and the money, the less you can feel entitled to refuse for things the client requests. MrRich is not the super-kinky type, but there are still things she doesn't enjoy having to do. It's all part of the job.

The last one thing she's got left to do is to cancel two booking she already had for the next week - or actually transfer to other escorts, whom the clients have already met - and keep working out until the big day, on the 23rd.


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