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G. got a phone call of one of her agencies today (one of her favorites, actually), asking her if she would come down for a quick chat at their offices for a long-term contract with a client.

This client (let's call him MrRich) is one of the biggest payer at this agency, and has already been with G. a few times before. Apparently well-mannered, decent guy, and enjoyable company.

He asked the agency to book him 1 or 2 girls for a long-term contract, preferably with good communication and linguistics skills. As he had already been with different girls there, the agency asked for his preferences, and his choice went for G., among others.
In the end, she'll be the only one going with him, as he agreed himself over the phone that one of G.'s kind is enough (a compliment, of some sort, I guess ;).

So G. will be going away with him for a month, for a pretty huge salary bonus that I won't disclose, with pretty much all sorts of expenses paid.
MrRich is mostly travelling around the world to meet business partners, and his on the board of various companies of various sizes, according to G. She's got a few clients like that. Usually not always the most cheerful persons, but well-mannered (if of at least a certain age) and quite prone to extend the bill if necessary.

Basically there are no limits to the contract: there's not fixed destination (he travels depending on his schedule), and it's been written for 30 days with possible extensions. Accommodations and daily needs are of course covered.

And here she goes the miss packing her suit-case for 30 days, with planned stops at some pretty fancy beach-resorts, a stop at a race-car competition, and maybe a detour for some skying (slightly reminds me of Alexa's trip last month... wonder if that could be the same client ;)). The base rules are that G. has to accompany him on business functions in the evening, show up at social events (like the race-car thing, for instance, or casino parties), and of course share intimacy with MrRich during the whole trip (though MrRich is not that active any more. He also enjoes sex-less company, talking, watching movies).

In brief, that should be a fun trip for her. I can see she's sort of excited, though she doesn't want to show it too much to me. She doesn't want me to feel bad about her living so soon after my return, and for her sharing another man's bed for so long when she's wouldn't have anything to do with him personally. But her nervousness when she's packing can't like, she's definitely thinking of some fun ahead. Like I said, she likes this lifestyle. She hates it, and hate the same time cannot say "no" to its perks.

MrRich will be coming to the city in a few days to pick her up.


and how do u feel about this?

Are u ok with her leaving for a month to be with another man??

Well I'm okay with longer bookings. They don't really happen that often. Would definitely not be OK if that was a 6month thing, or even a 3 month thing.

Don't really mind the "with another man" part, obviously, as there's nothing new here.

Seems like sending her on a holiday, after all. All expenses paid vacation time.

Still, 1 month is the longest she ever did since we've been together.

we'll see how it goes, the contract is still being worked on.

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