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As some may have noticed, I am currently trying to improve this weblog in various ways, to make it more enjoyable and easy to read, and to foster better communication channels for people interested in sharing thoughts about our main topics.

Following improvements include:
* re-designing the blog
* Twitter updates
* Facebook group

So far, I have switched to a new design template, but I still need to work on it to make everything fit correctly. I am not that good at web design myself, so it might take a while until I learn how to do all these decently.

I'd like to have a more homogenous presentation, and with faster access to things of interests for readers, such as related posts and related blogs, latest comments, short previews for each post with preloaded full versions, that sort of things.

I also came around the idea of using services I profoundly dislike, namely everything tagged as "Web 2.0" or the "Cloud" or other buzzwords. Hell, I dislike blogs in the first place, but this was the most appropriate channel nowadays to start talking about this, so I went for it. And I intend to do the same with a few other things, such as providing Twitter updates (you should already be able to see those) and a new Facebook group (called "My Girlfriend is an Escort", of course). Which means I created myself a Facebook profile. Look for "Ash MGFIAE" (yep, could not provide a single-letter firstname, so I guess "Ash" is just as good as "H").

I pretty much hate Facebook with a passion. However, I discovered on it quite a few groups about the escorting business or other sex-related activities, as well as a herd of people closely or remotely interested in the topic. You cannot fight change, and if that brainless portal thing is the way to go to communicate and spread the word, then so be it: I'd try to force myself to be present on it a little and to read what people are saying over there too.

Other possible improvements would be to use the usual things blogs use lately, Technorati, Digg, etc... I tried that a while ago and am already registered, but I could not fit them in the blog design in a way that satisfied me, and though I'd like to have people reading the blog to foster discussion around the theme, I don't really want to try that hard to generate useless traffic.

Well that's about it for the useless and boring stuff. Just wanted to keep you guys posted and apologize for the try-and-error process and the overall mess around here.


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