Their Idiotic Comments  

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Their Idiotic Comments

Lately I received a few interesting comments in my mailbox. I'll spare you the tidbits, but I'll disclose the juicy parts, just to give you a good picture of the specimens.

The "their" in my title here probably isn't reflexive of punters, pimps or any of the likes. Or just ones in disguise. My guess is, most of the authors of this poetry are probably just random guys, who like to persuade themselves that they still live and reign in a dark age where women have no rights, and while they would claim in public that they are pro-equality (or something vaguely similar), they just can't get around the thought that they need to give as much respect to females as to males.

And some are just some peculiar minorities. Or I really do hope so, otherwise humanking is pretty f*cked, I have to say. Well it probably is...

Here's the best I got today, for instance:

"ur pathetic [...] ur gf's just a fucking bitch and u do nothing?!!!! ur just a victimized ass!! I'd bitch-slap her like she deserves, fuck her 1 last time nd throw her out."

From another gentleman, I receive a very long e-mail with various nice comments, but the most thoughtful probably was:

"I'd bang her, take pictures, and expose her on youtube with a big 'WHORE' in red letters on the top of her head, and tell her families and friends. That would help her to realize and stop that job."

I also had religious freaks had a go at me a few times. Not the ones who are already normal religious freaks but think escorts are still God's creatures (thanks for them, I guess), but the ones who just cannot accept that thought and would rather consider all of them as some sort of evil beasts. An example:

"You should realize that not only is your 'significant other' on a dangerous path, but so are you as you do not act and still even support her in her way of life. [...] The day will come when you'll regret not having tried harder to save her soul and yours as well. [...] You both are horrible persons for finding joys and pleasures in this twisted situation."

Going a bit far back in my mailbox (or spam-trashcan, depending on the ratio of insults per line of text), I also have a few penpals who feel the need to advocate their apparent crushes on G.:

"What agency is she working in? Just let me know and I'd be glad to fuck her over and over, that way if she's sweet enough I could become her regular and you won't have to worry that much anymore, I'd look after her for you, and give her what you apparently can."

"I'd be glad to fuck her sweet tight ass [...] and as you seem to have problems with that and don't know how to use your dick, I'll be sure to make her scream long enough to have her return to you satisfied and exhausted".

Some are also concerned about my well-being, which is really nice of them, warning me that "the next time [I] eat her up (as [I] seem to be the kind of pussy who does that), [I shouldn't] mind the stinking smell and the stickiness, that would be [their] jizz".

Oh and of course, the playground trash-talk top #3 classics:

"I ass-fucked your girl."

"Sorry if she says my name when you touch her."

"I'm glad my kids will have a responsible father."

I also get e-mails from girls telling me that "[I am] a miserable cock-sucker and probably [have] now [sic] fucking clue how to please a girl and that [they] need real mean with a hard cock, no brains and just enough balls to rough them up" a little, probably, from time to time. That's good to know, thanks for the hint. And that I "really don't have any self-esteem", though in her wording it didn't seem like a good thing (what tipped me off was the opening subject with "ur a looser!!"). One also offered to "give [me] a discount for [her] services, to make [me] discover what a real high-end escort does that [my] G. wouldn't even dare to think of [...] so that I can properly blow [G.'s] brains out". If it had been in a different situation, I would certainly have asked G., I'm sure she would have been up for it. Now that's a shame.

Hey on the other hand, I had some pretty refreshing e-mails from men in my situation (and also from a girl dating a former male escort), and from girls thinking it's interesting to see another side of the mirror they don't think about, and others thank me for being proof of something potentially beautiful for them out there. OK, I get way more of the previous sort every week, but these ones just make my day anyway.

I could tell the other ones to get lost, but somehow I also need them, so please be my guests and send more. Anti-spam filters are amazingly efficient nowadays. Also, my e-mail still only works on and off though, so I guess I probably lost countless gems like the ones above. Too bad.


Hey, you are not alone my friend. I have not read all you have written as I just came across your my girlfriend is an escort also.
Like you I am seeking an outlet, writing was my option also. I thought about discussing it in the review forums etc. with people that know the industry...for no particular reason other than to get it out and somehow help clear my head.
I'm not going to get into it at the moment but ignore the bullshit as these guys have no idea.
If you don't mind I may exchange some thoughts with you. Another time perhaps

Hey there deepthoughts,

thanks for commenting. Feel free to share thoughts here, on the newsgroup, on my facebook account (Ash MGFIAE) or to send me an e-mail (h[d o t]mgfiae[a t]gmail[d o t]com).

Don't worry, I ignore the bullshit :) I even ignore some comments about her coming from some people I know (or I knew...) when they found out, so these ones are really easy to discard.

Just different perceptions of life, I guess, though some people sometimes have valid points hidden in the middle of the crap they send.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and don't hesitate to come back.

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