Their Betrayals (Her IP Abuse)  

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As if the previous stunt was not enough, another agency decided to play it mean on G. She hasn't worked for this one in a while, as it is in a remote country which she occasionally visited. So how does this particular agency manage to bugger her ?

Easy: they still advertise her on their website, using her (partial) pictures, her (fake) name and (fake) story, and list her as "available" for services.

This is a fairly small agency, but with a really good reputation in this area. They have a few "advertised" escorts, who represent the agency, and then of course many other escorts which are just available for clients who do not mind getting a girl they cannot see (and hoping she'll be of the same "rank" as the advertised ones, but a tiny bit cheaper. "Dream on, dream on...")

So G. is (well, was) one of the "big ones", advertised on the main page. When she left she said she'd like to work for them again when she'll be back in the country, but it would not be for a while.

It's been almost 2 years and her photos are still out there. She asked them 3 times to remove the pictures and the photos are still out there. Now where does that lead us ? Court ? I don't think so... But I can see a very angry phone call or acid e-mail ready to be send with warning for a torrent of horrible reviews coming in if they don't remove these ASAP.

The sad thing, is that people are probably still calling for her over there. She used to have some regulars, and worked a lot at the time: almost 2 to 3 calls a day, day of the week. It was a really active and profitable period for her, planning to leave the country. That is a little sad, because poor suckers probably don't get what they pay for and because her regulars might think she still here and don't answer.

But who am I kidding, I don't give a crap about them.

But it gives a bad image of her being unprofessional, and though it does not really matter, it could still be a problem. For once, she might not work for this agency again because of this, and it was a good one, she maybe intended to go back to. It was one of the best over there, with great services, great rates, and good clients. The general mood and the relationships between the girls where apparently quite hard though, as it seems. There's a fierce competition in this country, and in this city in particular.

Also, it means this particular fake name is burned, at least to work in this area, as she's been getting bad reviews... since she left! Of course, as the client don't get what they call for. Of course, at least her regulars know it's not her, but some still rate her (her name) to point their finger at the scam.

We were thinking of going to this country at some point for holidays (but it's a long way there), and eventually pay them a visit and drop by to talk things over directly with them.

Oh and we asked a friend over there to give the agency a call for us, posing as a potential customer, and he was told "", "her best playmate" was available for "". (Well, not that outrageously high, hey, it's G. :-) But a bit outrageous for the wrong person... though she might be a really
professional and stunning girl too, how the Hell do I know ? We should have asked him to go all the way to be sure of that.)

So, that would be another recommendation to girls: be afraid of what agencies will do with your image. Do not give them pictures with apparent features and clothes that could be easily identified, even if they say they will cut or blur them. Give them already blurred and cut. And be strong on the grounds of your intellectual property, have it added to your contract (you have a contract, do you ? even in countries where prostitution is illegal, you should have one posing for another job), and be strict and hard on them if they don't do as
you ask.

Let them know you are the girl doing the job, and if they screw you, you'll screw their reputation. Don't let them scare you.

Of course it's easy to say when you evolve in higher level escorting agencies (though you'll encounter a round of tough persons there too and should be careful too: these are people doing really profitable business) and it might be harsher lower down the ladder. But still, try not to show any sign of weakness, or they'll use it and turn it around you.


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