Their Betrayals (Her Give Away)  

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I can see the sceptics smiling - I know some lurk around here, I'm watching you - and I can kill the suspense and tell them your right away: you're wrong.

As the title may suggest, G. did not betray me. She was slightly betrayed by two agencies. One she's working for occasionally, and one she used to work for in another country.

I said in my previous post [Her Regulars] that she was currently mostly seeing her regulars, keeping things straight. But she needed some extra cash for some errands and decided to ring them and tell them she would take out-calls for the night.

She doesn't really like this agency anyway and have been problems with it a few times. The staff tends to be dismissive, not really professional, and to lie both to customers and escorts (maybe it is just a post-modern approach to equality).

And yesterday they thought it would be fun to send her right into a trap. On her first call, the client that she met in a hotel was one she had seen before on two previous occasions. And that she had told the agency she never wanted to see again, and recommended for blacklisting. The guy was always to push for things unpaid for or unadvertized, and touching things "by mistake". The usual bad client. He was sloppy with the schedule, came late both times and forced her to stay longer (and even longer than to just compensate his being late in the first place). Also, he had a tendency to be violent. Not the "I'll smash your head against the wall" kind of violent, but the sneaky "I like to slap you or spank you hard and oops sorry I did it again even though you told me not too". The second time they met, it did this routine again and she had it, finished him rapidly and left, reporting him to the agency.

And still, yesterday they sent her to the same person again. And on purpose, as it appears, because when she called them to yell at them (in front of the guy), the charming lady on the phone just said "very good man, asked about you many times, paying lots of extra". Now isn't that sweet? He missed her. Poor thing. And even offered to pay more.

Now I can see - and G. too - the flattering part of it. She delivers great service and all the agencies she works and worked for - even the crappy ones - all give her credit for always returning clients home satisfied, and usually eager to call again. She's apparently a good client-fidelizer. Great.

But still, there should be a line here, and an agency should realize that it is in her best interest to not go against her employees will, otherwise they won't do the job well anymore. That's how it works. Here and in other industries. Though, like in other industries, maybe there are so many people in the market they can afford to loose good staff members for more money, and their balance won't suffer. And thinking of that industry, that is a deeply saddening thought, as it turns girls even more into a piece of (disposable) meat than they
already are sold as.

Anyway, G. warned the guy upfront, told him she was not working for this agency on a regular basis and that's why she was not available there. (And apparently the agency once sent him another girl impersonating her, according to him. How dumb and unprofessional is that too ? Common practice, unfortunately.) She made it clear she would get out of here at the first try on his part to do anything out of line, and that he'd better not try to be leading the dance or she might even take anything to forward as such a move. A blatant and clear warning, saying: "you have only one chance of getting what you want".

Johnny behaved for about two hours (he booked four), and then started to get excited again, grabbing her more and more aggressively by the minute. Which usually is OK ("it's all part of the show, baby", isn't it ?), but here a potential yellow sign. She warned him again, and he became violent. He turned her around and tried to force her on her knees to give him a blow-job (a service she rarely provides to non-regulars on out-calls). She stayed composed, staying in the role (NOTE: that sounds just perfectly fitted for this job and so horrible...), and telling him for one last time to back off, and that the fellatios were not included and required an extra right away. Guess the idiot thought (like lots of idiots) that it was a game, that she was trying to entice him or playing hard-to-get (go figure... you call an escort, you think she plays the hard-to-get ? seriously ?!), and grabbed her head. G. grabbed things too: things designed by mother nature to be touched only with tenderness and soft moves. She pressed, twisted, grabbed his arm while getting to twist it and push him to the floor using a move I showed her (yes, I take a little credit here, but hey, that seemed to have come in handy), and kicked him with her knee slightly on the head while he was going down.

That's my girl!! :-) Well I don't advocate violence, but hey, she did not kill him or leave any injuries, and he was a jerk, so who cares ?

While he was stunned she grabbed most her stuffs and ran for the stairs - naked - hoping to make her way out and just dress on the way. The stairs were locked (the type of building where you need the key to unlock the stairways), so she hesitated to go back and aim for the elevators. She did (and I can imagine she stressed like crazy waiting for it) and dressed waiting for it, keeping an eye on the door. When she was down she took a cab and went straight home.

You might think she yelled at the agency and resigned. No. Not until she receives on her account her half of the booking, that is.

And then she'll never work for them again.

So a few recommendations for escorts:

- Learn a few self-defence tricks. Possibly learn more than one, some martial arts tend to be too focused on one specific technique. Good recommendations: Judo (for control and learning how to fall. That will save you from lots of other tiny things), Tae Kwon Do (for longer range kicks and great for flexibility), Muay Thay (for great preparation and blockings), Jiu Jitsu (for a good mix of every things). You just never know when it comes in handy.

- If a client was an ass twice, don't give him a third chance.

- Don't trust sloppy agencies, especially the chinese hosted ones with staff members who can barely talk English.

OK I don't really mean the 3rd point, I am not that racist and close-minded as to blatantly tag a whole ethnic group as a bunch of exploiters, but somehow I am still too angry at the agency to remove it, and I see a pattern of flakiness in these (asian-hosted agencies, not asians in general). Maybe it's cultural, or it's a matter of background.

For the second point, I am a really forgiving person. I tend to always be the devil's advocate (G. hates me when I am). But if I were doing this job, you can bet lots that I would not take too many chances.

And I am really serious about the first point. In addition to great and obvious advantages to stay fit, flexible, and learn to follow your body's natural joints and articulations to fall decently and not twist
your ankle or such things, it is surprisingly helpful to let your mind shut off enough to let training take the better (and safer) side of you and just react instantly.

The second betrayal is coming in another post, that one has been long enough.


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