Our New Year's Resolutions  

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Our New Year's Resolutions

Though I am not a big fan of this tradition where one sets for himself a bunch of limits to ploy under (self-imposed limits can only be good things in only 2 scenarios: if you are an artist (think of The White Stripes) or an adept of Vipassana).

But it's always good to set things to look up to and goals to aim at.

We looked back at our past year, and we realize we need a few things:
- more stability and balance (between work, friends and us),
- more time for ourselves,
- more money.

Which translate to our more tangible goals:
- to travel to various places I won't name,
- to move to a bigger apartment (and possibly buy one),
- to do more charity work (we already do some, and give a part of our monthly income to organizations we believe in, or which we believe are more capable than we are to deploy it to do things locally or in remote parts of the world). Though we were fairly broke at some points and still don't have a really good-looking balance on our monthly statements, we always managed to devote enough to these things. It would also be nice to combine it with the "travel" goal. I might write more on this later.
- to eventually get G. out of this job, though the last time we talked about it, she didn't seem to want to quit it for now. First of all that would be financially tricky for the both of us, and also she doesn't want to rely entirely on me anyway and cannot go through a complete transition now with her studies. We both always
keep in mind that we don't know what the future's made of and we may (touching wood, and such things) break up for some reasons. You just never know. I agree with that and want her to be independent financially too as much as possible, though not at the extent of her doing this job. But she gets along well with it lately, and it doesn't bother her. I respect that.

Nothing really unexpected I guess, but let's see where we go from here...

(giving back to Caesar what belongs to him: this post was done written after reading Peridot's)


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