Our New Year's Eve  

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To complete my previous NYE post, I thought maybe some would like to know what we've been up to, considering I didn't write for a while.

Some future posts will cover the highlights of this timelapse, but for now let's focus on the last night.

G. and I entered 2009 the same way we entered 2008: separated from one another. Like I said, she was out on a job. She had been booked since September for NYE, and her agency even had booked her for another "backup" plan, should the primary client decide to cancel at the last minute.

So, her plan for the night was to go meet that mysterious client of hers in one of the top bars of the city, and then go out for some wild partying. From what she had been told, she was more expected to do some more "traditional" escorting than she usually does. Just look young and pretty (young, hot, stunning, enticing and highly sexually appealing is probably more what the client expects, I guess). Hold on to some stranger's arm for the night, and chit-chat and laugh at regular intervals to entertain the eyes and ears of the other guests. And occasionally, look like being able to make a move on another one of these guests, because it always keeps them happy (doesn't it ?).

Of course, more than this is usually expected for the rest of night. At least when you go to *these* particular escort agencies. But apparently, tonight the lucky client did not seem to care much for that side of things. All the better, as G. being a very social person she likes a good night out with lots of free drinks, some drugs and good food. And she goes mingling in the crazy world of the shiny happy people.

It's just as well, as it definitely isn't for me. It's not my scene, not my lifestyle. It does not really go with her convictions either, naturally, but she has evolved for a while in that environment and enjoys the perks that come along with it (though she sometimes despises herself exactly because of it).

So, if you take away the possibly negative side of things and just leave the good tidbits, then I guess it's a pretty good New Year's Eve.

We just weren't together, but who cares as long as it's fun. Forget the fireworks, the countdown and the midnight-kisses (well, she had all three actually, but it's a different context). We just had fun separate ways. Personally, I had been called to manage a tiny crisis at work early in the evening, and it went on until 2AM. So we were already in 2009 when I joined a group of close friends to ... well ... get wasted. That's always a good way to start a new year.

When I came home around 6AM, G. was still hopping from famous bars to famous night-clubs and private functions. After checking up on her over the phone - Yes, I do that occasionally, especially on busy nights like these. Drugs and alcohol are her cup of tea, and though she is professional whenshe's on the job and limits herself to the socially acceptable, it sometimes gets crazy. Depending on the mood, the client, and the pressure of other guests - I crashed on the bed.

She finally came home fairly exhausted, as you always are after such crazy nights. Switching cabs, having at least one drink or drag per host welcoming you in his place, talking, laughing even when it's not funny, etc. It was around 8AM and she woke me up gently. I prefer when she does, so that I do not wake up and get crazy when I have a quick look at my watch, jump ouf of the bed wondering where she is and run inside the apartment ... to only realize she was peacefully lying next to me. The adrenaline rush definitely helps to get ready for work, but my heart doesn't like it that much. So, when it's an unusual client or a crazy night, she wakes me up before going off to bed.

And so we started 2009, in the bright light of a sunny morning, getting our duty sleep in each other's arms.

(And probably snoring like a couple of huge and massively drunk bears. But still, cute bears, if you please. Just picture drunk fluffy teddy bears, if that helps at all.)


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