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First of all I'd like to thank people who asked me by sending e-mails if we were doing fine. That was a little unexpected, but quite fun to realize some people actually read this thing.

We've been doing just fine, and like I replied to a commenter, there simply wasn't anything big enough for me to go out of my busy way and write about it.

We've been working lots. G. has been reducing her amount of weekly out-calls to focus more on her studies lately, and I do additional shifts at a second job to balance things out.

But we've also been going out a little, reading tons of books, visiting old friends, traveling by bike and camping on week-ends. Our usual get-aways.

Her friend is recovering nicely from her rape. She still has occasional appointments with a psychiatrist, but apparently mostly out of her own desire to reassure herself and discuss various topics than out of necessity.

We spent the last week-end with her and have gone out for a few drinks in nearby bars. A small and calm venue to start with, followed by a slightly more active but still quite cosy and family-like place to have her feel safe, and everything went just fine, or she didn't show any sign of anguish. Which is a real relief, as a few months ago she was scared of being anywhere after 8pm. It's quite refreshing to see her smile and laugh and not have this anxious glare in her eyes when a guy gets anywhere near her.

From the more serious side of this blog, G.'s been dealing nicely with her job lately, no mood swings about the job, not that many angry customers, no troubles with agencies, regulars, brothels and the likes, and balancing things well with the other aspects of her life.

What can I say ? Everything's just fine, that's why I was silent.


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