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Some people sometimes wonder why G. and I are attracted to each other. After all, I am living with a woman who sleeps with other men and women, and she dates a guy who doesn't see to care that she does.

It can look pretty twisted from both angles, and not only is it really common for men to be unable to accept their girlfriend to be a sex-worker (NOTE: men have a hard-time to accept their girlfriend to be anything else than just that: their girlfriend. Fair enough.), but it's also not uncommon for sex-workers to be caught in a double trap: they are at the same time engaging in sexual activities with other people, and that makes it hard for them to find someone who trusts them and accepts them as such; but on the end, if that person accepts them just as they are, they also cannot help to think maybe he doesn't really care that much about them to let them do this.

That's just tricky, isn't it?

In our situation, I am attracted to G. because she's a fun, smart and loving person. And yes she's good-looking and drives me crazy (sexually and mentally, for that matter).

She's attracted to me because I happen to be really understanding, because I am taking good care of her, and because whatever happens she knows that if I ever were to reveal myself as not as great as she currently thinks, I'd still stay the latter will remain unchanged. I'll still understand her and help her in any way I can.

That is, of course, just a matter of trust. She's the perfect match for me in many ways, and me being the perfect match for her might just be in one: I don't ask question and accept her as she is.

Also, after such a long time (well, it's all relative, but it is a long time for the both of us in regards to our previous relationships) living together, we still have the hots for each other. Yes I'm smirking as I write this, but who would pretend it doesn't matter, not even a little, hmmm ? We still drive each other insanely crazy, and still have this irresistible sexual attraction that makes us go after the other one and corner him/her against a wall.

And last but not least, though we of course still discover bits and pieces of our respective pasts and paths - some of which reveal themselves to be certainly surpising, confusing, and even creeping - we still always fall back to basic common grounds, both in philosophical (big-word-throwing, sorry) mindsets or in social conceptions.

We are really different though. It's a very common thing for us to chat and then end up saying "I really like [...]" and to know that the other one thinks of answering "I hate [...]! We've got nothing in common!" with a smile. We have fundamentally similar political and spiritual views, but differently visions of the upper-layers.

Even when it comes to clothes we are a weird combination: we have the same tastes, but for different reasons. We share the same attraction to the same colors, the same clothes style, but I go for them out of practicality and rejection of the boundaries of branding and mass, because I don't want to be categorized, while she goes for them to stand out. Same result, for completely opposed approached.

Yes we are a weird couple. As weird as weird can be.
Guess that's why we found each other. If we had met at a common friend's party (which is unlikely as we usually don't especially like each other's friends), we might have hated each other guts. But we met on a neutral territory and hit it off right away, because in a crowd of people we were, despite all our differences, the only ones that could be a good match.

Oh well, maybe it's a thing just too complicated to explain.

(NOTE: the "perfect match" is to be taken with a pinch of salt, as I don't really believe in such things like soul-mates or perfect-matches. I believe in relationships that work, and where you have to do (acceptable and small) compromises, and work on the little shaky things. But you got that, right?)


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my girl friend also is a sex worker and works for an agency and works every day and all night, she does not come to bed to at least 5:00 am every day of the week, if she is not out on a call, she is answering the phones and sending other girls on calls. Its hard sometimes....

We have been together for over 3 years now, so it seems so normal now.

Its Hard! Help!!

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