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G. has been focusing on her regulars lately, mostly because he wanted to keep time to herself and also because they - of course, otherwise she'd just refuse - have a better tendency to be enjoyable clients.
From her perspective this is a very good thing. For one thing, she feels safer with them, as she knows them a little better, if not very well for some of them. Her oldest regulars have been with her for more than 3 years now.

Also, she has a good time when it comes to the social aspect of the jobs. They are usually well behaved, treat her with respect, and won't take her directly to a hotel bedroom, if they even do it at all.
Most of them are mostly seeing her out of loneliness. They are from very various backgrounds, social contexts and age panels.
Finally, she also feels better having sex with them than with random clients and usually she enjoys it a lot more for obvious reasons.

At the moment, she's balancing it between 4 to 6 dates per week with her regulars, depending how many are in the area. Some are middle aged business men who travel a lot, and usually call her for a night out when they know they'll come down to the city.

Which is definitely better than when she's freely available for her agency, which would just call her if the necessity arises, and sometimes allocate her 3 jobs for the night. Whereas her she just goes out for a while, and knows she'll be coming home and be able to sleep normally. Or she comes home in the morning (she stays at some regulars' places, sometimes).

This situation really feels more stable and balanced, as she has a regular and satisfying income for a lower risk, less tension, and less working hours.
It is, professionally, definitely better.

Personally, it is maybe a bit more confusing, both for her and for me.

For her, because she feels at times like she is cheating on me.
For me, because sometimes I feel like she's dating them more than she's working or them. Or do I ?
Why would that be any good at all for me, you might ask ?

After all, that an escort starts to like some of her clients could be bad news for the disposable boyfriend. She may just end up mating with a rih client and leave you hanging.

That's a sad perspective and a possibility, but not very likely. Though G. has a few co-workers who have ended up marrying clients, I do not really feel threatened in my positions by her regulars.

They provide her with safer environments, which allows me not to worry when she's out. They usually pay her at a super-sized rate, instead of a downgraded one, as some could espect. They mostly just do it out of
courtesy or appreciation.

They also tend to be more flexible with her schedule, which gives us time. And it is easier for her to negociate with a regular than a "normal" client if he pushes for a specific timeframe. Of course some of them are very busy, and considering she provides the service, they still feel (are ?) entitled to push from time to time. But overall, they're more civil (from what I know and hear) and restrained.

She also knows what to expect from them regarding sexual services, and after a few months with the same clients surprises are a rarity.

Overall I feel definitely better when she tells me she's going out to meet a regular than when she goes out on a normal outcall.

And the fact that she enjoys having sex with some of them is a different issue. It comes down again to our position on relationships, and for the moment we still consider ours open. She's not cheating on me, she's working. And not seeing anyone else on the side, and hasn't feel the need to go have a look around lately for anyone else, and neither did I. And if she did and would tell that would be fine, as it is for me to know that she is having sex with regulars and sometimes comes home from clearly enjoyable sessions.

But she still despise them, though in a more attenuated manner than her normal clients and the agencies' and brothels' staff, for having her do this job. And that's why I cannot be frightened by this. She still doesn't like the concept, the idea. She goes by just fine with it, she lives with it, she accepts it.

It's just how it is.


Hi there
My gf actually is working more with her regulars and yeah somewhat it makes me feel much less worry for her when she is out there.
But at the same time is tricky for my mind/heart "because sometimes I feel like she's dating them more than she's working"
(And our relation isnt an open one).
... But finally yes, she is just working, i know it... somewhere inside of me knows it.

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