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Yes, she does work in brothels from time to time, and yes, she can even have "favorites". As in "liking one more than another". As in "liking it".

But don't get ideas, she does not really like working in brothels. No matter in what country and city she's worked for one, it never quite lives up to the perks of being an escort in an agency or an independent.

Of course you don't have to worry about advertising, but salary and working hours negocitations are a pain, and the treatment from both clients and staff is also not really the greatest you could get. And there is the fairly controlled but still present usual risks.

I realize that talking about brothels here could possibly give hints about where we could be. Some countries legalize or not prostitution, at different levels, brothels being one of them. The ones I am talking about here are not her current brothels. She does not really attend one regularly, but when we happen to travel to an area where there are some that she had attended before, she would ring them to let them know she's available. So once in a while, depending on our errands, she would work in brothels for a few days.

Except in a few countries, these are horrible places. The girls are completely objectified, don't have a say in anything, and have to wait for hours, sometimes with no free food, drinks or distraction. Clients usually are polite and shy at the very best, but usually here for satisfying primal needs and in only for a very quick f*ck.

However, some are OK. Her favourite one, resides in a country where prostitution is legal, under certain circumstances, and where governmental and non-governmental organizations provide decent financial, psychiatric and medical support to sex workers. Additionally, the staff is well behaved and professional, and tends to work more like normal escort agency. They would still require her to work for long period of times, but they supply pretty much everything: sexual equipment, food, drinks, entertainment. Rooms are private and cosy, with different ambiances to match the desires of clients.

She can also just pop in and ask to work here for the day if she needs quick cash. And it is a fairly expensive place, so girls do not deal with crazies. It's quite private. You'd never know it is there from the outside.

Girls there are nice to one another, and take care to maintain good working conditions and a good environments, and have a say in the brothel's decisions when changes have to be made.

G. even wants to take me there once. She has this fantasy of us hiring another girl to have fun with us. Still not really quite liking this idea: after all I would prefer her not be in there either. But at least if that were to happen, it's a good place to be.

If only they were all like this.


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