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Although neither of us are big aficionados from the Christmas' and New Years' extravanganza, G. and I decided to reserve some time for ourselves for the holiday season.

Therefore, we spent our Christmas Eve doing absolutely nothing (meaning, of course, nothing we can talk about here), and Christmas Day hanging out with friends in the most traditional ways possible. Huge lunch, presents, laughs, the whole nine yards.

However, G. had to work for New Year's Eve. This is not that much of a big deal for us, as we do not care much for NYE anyway. It's a day like any other day, and if we cannot celebrate our joy of being together or with other friends and relatives on that particular night, then we might as well do it another day. It just does not matter. At all.

However, it never is that easy when the time comes and you see people around you attending functions and parties and holding each other. And as we past Chrtistmas Eve together, we thought it was actually great she wasn't on a job. And now that NYE was upon us, we hoped it could have been the same.

Unfortunately, NYE is a big seller for escorting agencies, and G. had been booked something like 3 months in advance for this, for a whole night. Do not feel bad about her for this, as she had a great night. She spent her evening having fun and drinking and dancing with rich people who just wanted a night out with pretty girls, and that is just what happened, and without the "normal" complementary services one would usually associate with an escort.

However, we could not avoid thinking of other girls, the ones she knows as well as all the other ones in similar situations, having to work on Christmas' or New Year's Eves. Whether they missed an opportunity of being with friends and/or relatives, or even if they did not even have such an happy (yeah, well, it depends...) alternative to look forward to, but still wanted to spend a supposedly enjoyable moment within the shoes of people used to a more conventional lifestyle, it does not matter. It is just a sad thing to think about.

So that very night, when G. was getting ready, and finished putting on her earrings and walked out the door and looked back at me with a big smile and sent me a kiss, she said something that resonated in my mind for the rest of the night: that may other girls out there have a pleasant night and keep away from dark thoughts for at least this one night only.

It sounds of course completely cheesy. But it also had something fairytale-y to it that I couldn't help but to smile at. And I joined in thoughts my best wishes to hers, as it's all I could have wished for her on that night.

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