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Once in a while G. comes across top-class idiots.

There are various kinds of bad clients.

The ones who think they can get discounts, the ones who sleep in or take their time when she's got to leave for another job or to go back to real life are a nuisance. But only a nuisance. We find similar behaviors in all businesses.

You have the ones who will try to bully her for some treat or who ridiculously think that just by promising to become regulars, they might get bonus sex as a membership welcome gift. Or the ones who harass her all the time, call repeatedly.

You have the over-committed ones, who feel the need to act with her as if they were in a relationship. Though it can be nice, there's no need to call in in the wee small hours of the morning just to wish her a good day, please... (for one thing, it wakes me up too!)

Though I appreciate the ones calling to know if she got home safe. Those at least show some care and involvement.

Then of course you have the ones who come with their own package of problems and unload them on her. That can already be a much more intrusive nuisance... Some will just keep rambling for hours and hours about their jobs or lives. Another kind of loser will just feel the need to pretend they just punt occasionally and that it's unusual for, honey, you know, they don't do that; they're not that type, no, no, no...

A subset of those are the ones who let their life impact hers. For instance when they're too stupid or lazy to cover their tracks correctly and they have lives (this happened recently to some escorts whose blogs I follow like Sarah).
It happened to her on a few occasions and it can get nasty, and that's a serious threat to your anonymity and privacy. I guess there's nothing worse than a wife (or a man) who's been cheated on. If the punter makes the terrible mistake of getting the escort involved, then he might simply put her out of business. You get calls all the time, and changing phone numbers and e-mails won't do a thing if you're advertising online. ANd if you work for an agency and they know where it is, you might end up with an angry housewife tracking you down to have a little chat with you.

Then you have the potentially over-confident ones, and the ones who approach sex as if they were trying to be the creepiest possible, or entering a contest to be elected the worst annoying john of the year. You'll recognize in this category the one trying to bury her in the mattress for 2 hours without being able to come, the ones who are so drunk they don't even remember they just did it and keep asking for more when they can't even get (it) up, the ones who ask her the weirdest things possible (should be OK, I guess after a while you can
think you've seen it all, but she still manages to come across some pretty weird shit).

Of course, usually these ones have one or more of the other flaws outlined in this post.

Finally you have the violent ones.

Those are not a nuisance: they're a threat. The ones who might end up getting all worked up and start threatening of assaulting her, because they're in one of the situations cited above. Or just because they're that type of guy. You know the type: the one who feels like he just owns every woman he meets, and that she should do whatever he wants, even though he's only here to receive a service.

Well we could find other ones I guess. Like the psychopath killer type, who is a real risk too. But these kinds of things are remote. She's got more chances of being assaulted on her way back than to have one of these as a client.

I don't think any university provides any people's relation or communication or negotiation classes to address these, huh ?


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