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It is a small world after all...

No seriously, it is.

Especially when you are an active member of particular professions. For instance, if you are a secret double agent. Or if you are cheating on your wife.

It is equally small when you are an escort.

You might bump into a friend or relative or co-worker or just a stupid idiot you happen to know while you're out there on a job with a client. As you've seen, or as you may know if you are one of these, there's always a cute little dance going on to know what to do, and how to dodge the bullets.

You might also bump into another sex-worker. Where's the problem with that ? There might not be any actually. If you're on a job, and so is the other one, you can just have the delicate recognition nod.

It is actually much uglier if it's a sex-worker who hates you and lost her job and wouldn't care to yell at you in the middle of the street like a mad person. Gee, *that* is another completely different issue, and the damage control is brought to a brand new level when that happens.

G. ran into an ex-escort from one of the agencies she used to work for in another country (I'm telling you, it's sickening how the world can be so freaking small...). Apparently things didn't go too well in that agency, and what they called an escort agency was more or less some sort of really crappy homemade-brothel, where the tenant used to spy on the girls all day, where they had to report hours and so on, and had to fight every day to preserve the little intimacy they could have. They even tried to force them into being taped to have the feeds broad-casted *live* on the place's website. In the manager's head, that would have forced the girls to always do their best, and would have attracted more clients.

Anyway, G. worked for them back then only for a short period, until she burst out and went to a more decent place. But in between she ended up fighting a lot with this brothel's management, and being the person she is (and was) she obviously didn't really state her mind in a diplomatic manner. Not that she should have anyway.

But the thing is, following her little act of anarchism and rebellion, it appears half of the girls working there followed G. on the way out within the next week. Some even went directly to the agency where she had left to, and a small group started a new brothel, lead by the girls and not a piggy pimp.

No harm in that so far, would you tell me. Quite the opposite, I'd say it looks rather noble (though I could almost understand the manager's position on the live tapping thing... ahem... but hellloooo, can you spell "unethical", "freedom" and "privacy" ?).

But all good deeds have bad side-effects, and for some girls it also meant trouble. That's what happened to that particular girl, who lost her job 2 months after this incident when the brothel closed, out of bad publicity generated by the other agencies and all the girls who had left. She was suddenly without a job, and apparently at a difficult time.

So it appears she would blame G. for this, and when fate or bad luck or whatever-your-philosophy-calls-it had her ran into G., she unloaded it all. While G. was in the middle of a crowded street with a client. And by "crowded street", let's be honest and say *the* crowded street, as in *the main street* of the city.

As it happens, I overheard a co-worker this morning telling a story about how he heard "some drunk whore starting to give attitude to some chick on the street", and how this "chick" "might have been a whore too going our with her sugar daddy", who "looked puzzled and pissed and took off with the first cab he found, leaving the second girl hanging on the street".

Oops... Now *that* is a bad situation...

Good thing for me and for G. that this guy probably was already half pissed too and probably wouldn't recognize her, as it happened fast and he didn't see her well. She tried to discreetly reason with the other girl (let's call her crazy bitch), but when she started screaming and the client took off, she just started to walk away and ignored her, and jumped into a cab as soon as she could.

But that is still a scary thought. Getting too close to be in really serious trouble twice in 3 days, that's more than enough to get worried.

Even the biggest cities can be too small after a while.

Poor G. is having a really bad time lately, between that, her friend getting raped, that bad John the other day and everything...

It's time for a holiday kids, I saved up for a while, and now is the time to call it quits for a few days. I just surprised her with 2 tickets for a romantic week in an also romantic city in a sunny country. Money well spent if you ask me, though some could argue we could save it to avoid her having to do this job. I thank those people in advance for their support and understanding, you make us feel so much better.

You probably won't hear from us for a while except a few posts on a more general note. I actually read lots of interesting posts lately that I'd like to comment on, but I couldn't get around to doing it. I'll probably have some time to do that from a sunny beach or an humble hotel room, while having the room service cater us lazy lovebirds. Or maybe we'll just go around play the tourists and I'll just stop at a cafe to drop a note.

One thing is sure, we're not too sad to leave this place for the time being, and are really looking forward to sipping a cold coke on the plane and *sleep* during a very long flight. (though there's some club G. always told me she wanted to become a member of... ahem... we'll see...)

She's packing her bags in the bedroom right now and trying on a light sundress and bikini. With a huge smile on her face. Can't ask for more.


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