My Stupidity  

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I am a stupid idiot to think that I can even consider to grasp what she's going through and to think of comparing it to what I do.

Even if her workload is smaller than mine, she works a lot, is stressed out, and has to deal with all the other problems that her job implies. Privacy, secrecy, emotional wreckage, odd hours, the control of her agency, juggling with public transport services to go from one client to another, and also all the attention she has to give to her clients.

And at least I don't have this sort of problems.

Bottom line: I'm an idiot, and I should have snapped like I did.

She sure makes my life a bit harder in these occasions, but she also makes it so worth it the rest of the time. Next time this happens, I'll know I can skip one my happy early mornings session of just watching her sleep, and remember she just needs space.

A few people might think she also has some responsibility in this, and that's entirely true. I definitely didn't deserve this yesterday.

But I can get on with it really easily, and it's so much easier for me to forget about it than for her to switch off when she comes back from an harassing job.


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