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The other day, G. accepted an out-call from a guy who sort of is one of her regulars. He actually comes regularly. Once a year. That's regular.

She actually enjoys the jobs with this person, as he acts like a real gentleman, picks her up whenever and wherever she agrees to, and always takes her to fancy places. This is one of the perks of higher-level escorting.

Of course, this is still about sex, at some point, but not always. The guy just travels a lot and enjoys some company, and though he is booking her for these obvious reasons, they also developed some sort of friendship.

I have sort of a mixed feeling about this. As usual of course because of the job itself, but also because I still wonder how you can draw a line between something professional and something close to a friendly relationship, and how you manage not to get ideas. My concern is: what would this guy, as a friend, do for her ?

If it involves just lending her some money, not doubt he will. That's not even a problem, so why would he care ? But would he get his hands dirty for her ? Would he expose himself to help her if he were to get in trouble or get caught with her ?

Probably not.

That is the difference between friendship and simple social networking.

The problem is, some people don't get these rules and happen to get hurt at some point, and in a way that leaves marks for ever.


G. was actually kind of happy about this appointment, and that would already be a good enough reason to consider this a "lucky day". It definitely doesn't happen with every client.

But the luck I'm referring too here is the one that maybe helped her not to get caught with the guy, as they were getting out of the hotel he was staying in.

As she was about to walk inside the hotel, waiting for him to pick up his swipe card at the counter until she could join him in the elevator, an old "friend" of hers, who of course doesn't know about her sex-worker activities, came out of the place.

The usual awkward moment all working girls probably live in the fear of encountering... And that some already lived a dozen times and know how to deal with.

Now I know my G., and I know she definitely has the ability to cover her tracks in this type of situations. However I also know she can be kind of ... let's say clumsy. And not always very convincing. I know that from my own experience, after all.

But she's got the necessary street-smart aptitudes.

But I could easily imagine the scene when she told me about this encounter. The little side-steps, the moment of hesitation, the quick analysis of the situation. The desire to say out of the blue the (fake but plausible) reason of you being here. But that's too bold, why would you say it. The extravagant greeting. Yep, go for the extravagant greeting "oh darling, how arrrreee you, it's been such a long time". Go for the extravagant greeting if you're with a client who knows when it's time to keep it low profile and wait while you dodge the bullet.

So she greets her old friend, who of course finally asks what she's doing here, as of course she hasn't been in this area for a while. She was just on her way to buy new shoes, because she's heading for a vacation next week.

How simple it is, isn't it ?

Of course you're leaving next week (no chance of getting asked out for a reunion), and of course you're going to buy shoes because the shoe store is exactly in the direction where your friend came from (unlikely she'll turn back to come with you). That's my girl...

And how it's getting late, she has to hurry, and off she goes, calls her client while she's walking down the street, and asks him to let her know when the intruder is out of sight.

10 to 15 minutes is barely all it takes for these conversations to take place, and for them to return to their normal lives. Back to the hotel room, back to business. And for G., 2 hours later, back to another client. And for the mystery man, back to another plane taking him God knows where, but I bet some place where another muse will soon get a similar call for a once-in-a-year regular appointment.

But 1 to 5 minutes is all it could have taken to ruin it all. 1 to 5 minutes later and her friend would have walked in on her getting *into* the elevator.

She wouldn't have noticed she was with anyone, because G. is careful and for daylight jobs she usually enforces her clients not showing any sign of knowing her. That's why she sent the guy pick up is keys first, and then they just casually take the elevator at the same time. A bit james-bond-y, but easy. Necessary too, because like I said, mister John here probably would back-off and leave her hanging if *he* was the one about to get exposed.

But still, how do you argue about being in an elevator to an hotel where you friend happens to stay and catches you on the spot ? You deny, you can say you are meeting a client who happens to be on another level, and maybe you get away with it. Probably. But it becomes so much trickier.

And not all clients are reactive to these situations as well as our mystery man here. Some even take a delicious pleasure in making it obvious the firl they're with is a sex-worker. Because they have so much self-esteem and because their own education makes them look down on them, they have fun pinning you down.

That's all it takes. 1 to 5 minutes, and a good regular. One you built a relationship with, and you have carefully accustomed to secret encounters and their by-laws, and made understand that a meeting that might go wrong can always be re-scheduled. Not that easy when it's a drunk animal calling you at off hours of the night, be it just a normal guy willing to have a good time or the junior business executive who likes to show off his drug and money. These might not be as easy going, they want it all and now.


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