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The "Bad John of the Day" award goes to the guy responsible to the way I felt yesterday.

That sucker bummed her all the way.

First of all he didn't find anything better than to call her for 3 hours before they meet and yell at her because she was late (but he's the one who rescheduled at a time that made it impossible for her to be on time and had her cross the whole freaking city).

Then of course he felt the urge to act like a stereotype. You know, the usual stuff: grunting, slapping, insulting... The type who in addition to this ask you to comment on what he does all the time, to tell him is the best stud ever, and to scream like someone's trying to perform an open-chest surgery on you without any sort of anesthesia.

Of course he would then start to get drunk (as in: more than he already was), force her to drink too (yeah you're not the only person she's seeing. That's hard, I know - of course I know, considering... - but deal with it and let her do what she wants as long as it doesn't concern your service), complain about her performance for the 2 remaining hours (doesn't happen often at all, and when it does it crushes her), completely ignore her when she tried to do conversation until he would be up for it again, and then start pondering again like crazy.

Finally he'd try to get some of his money back, go out of the building with her and being obvious in all possible ways about what they were doing, and end-up insulting her and commenting on her looks and lifestyle.

The perfect gentleman, indeed.

Because of this she was late for the next session too, which was much better, but she couldn't concentrate and thought herself she provided a terrible service to this guy. Who at least had the decency of *offering* her a drink, and to offer to drive her home, but she was so upset she was apparently mean to him too (she called him back to apologize during the day, and in my opinion if you reach the point where escort *call back* to apologize for what they do, there is something terribly messed up with this world...).

Therefore she walked home, fulminating, and unloaded it all on me, and she was still super upset when she came back from work today.

Pretty good score I guess, when you, a complete stranger, can manage to upset someone for 2 days in a row. Congrats.


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