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This weblog has been created to share my thoughts about my situation, but also to give people facing similar issues in their day-to-day lives the opportunity to come forward.

Talking about such matters is not easy. I am well aware of it, as it took G. a while to confess to me and as it also required some time for me to decide to write about it and start this weblog.

But I strongly believe talking about it is important, both with my partner and other people. If you are in a similar environment, you might feel the need to know other people experience the same things, and go through the same joy and nightmares.

This is why I created a newsgroup as a complement to this weblog. You can access it at anytime by clicking on the "Newsgroup" button in the top bar of this website, or by going directly to

The MGFIAE Newsgroup is publicly open to anyone willing to
join. Membership is mandatory to be able to post topics on it, but anyone can become a member. Be aware that the newsgroup has been tagged as "adult" and thus will require you to verify your age; but you won't have to provide any personal details for this.

I decided to set it as such because I do not intend to censor anyone's entries on the discussion group, and also because, considering our general topic, it might slip into fairly "politically incorrect" talks. It is meant to be an open discussion and meeting space, and everybody is free to swear, moan and rant in there. Though I would ask you to keep it "soft" and to not start any personal attacks on any members, which could be my only reason to take actions against you by limiting your account.

I encourage everyone to come forward and share their thoughts, doubts, and comments about my writing, both by sending comments replying to my own blog posts if you want to make an addendum or react, or by starting or getting involved in discussion threads on the newsgroups.

I would also strongly recommend you to be careful about your privacy and anonymity, in general and because we discuss here sensitive matters.

Google gives you the ability to do this very simply, by just creating a new GMail account for this sole purpose. GMail accounts are bound to Google Accounts, which will grant you access to the Blogger/BlogSpot and Google Groups services. You may of course use other e-mail providers, as Blogger and Google Group allow you to do so. This is just a personal recommendation and preference.

I would also ask new members to introduce themselves, so that we can then know who we are talking to, behind this opaque layer of anonymity. Get a feeling of who you are and why you are here.

The best way to do this would be to either start a new discussion thread with a subject line like "[NEW] - " or by replying to the general "presentations" discussion thread. Again, be aware of the privacy implications. Give us your pseudonym and the reason of you attendance. For instance, tell us if you are here as a worker of this industry (as an employee in close or remote relationship with an organization offering such services) or if you have contact with such a person. Or maybe you are just a curious reader.

The newsgroup's role is two-fold, as it poses both as a publishing service - the weblog's entries are being sent to the discussion group as well, so that you can simply reply to the thread instead of commenting on the blog. I like you to have the opportunity to use the communication channel of your preference - and as an open discussion space.

I am really looking forward to reading what you have to share.


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