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My name is H. That's all you really need to know about me to associate in future notes this single simple signature, "H.", to yours truly, and to create a mental - and possibly emotional - bond with me. At the very least, that's all I really *want* to reveal.

But don't you need anything else ? Let's be honest: I created this blog to tell a story, and share my thoughts, nightmares and dreams with people who either don't give a damn about me, but also with people who are in the need to learn how to deal with similar issues and situations.

I guess I owe the latter a little bit more transparency, and I don't really mind the former. So let's tell a bit more, so that, maybe, each and every one of us can determine how my personal situation influences events of this mess and how it might make it different for you.

My name is H. At least here. Maybe somewhere else. I am a twenty something. I live (currently... it hasn't always been that way) in the northern hemisphere, somewhere in a so-called "western country" on a regular planisphere. I study various things that do not necessarily define me, work in various fields which share the same fuzzy characteristic.

People, namely friends and coworkers, consider me to be of an enjoyable company. I have a sharp sense of humour, usually somewhat dark and acid, with a severe tendency to sarcasm and cynism.

I have a girlfriend. Being the subject of this weblog, it makes this little nuggest the most important - though the most obvious - piece of information, doesn't it ?

Let's call her - at least here, and maybe somewhere else too... - G.

G. is lovely. She's a twenty something too. I met her when I was overseas. I cannot tell much about her, unfortunately. Ah yes, she's an escort, but you probably had figured that out by now. Or you should start a weblog about your struggles with memory deficiencies.

We've known each other for a while now. Sometimes it feels like we've been together for an eternity and sometimes it seems like it was yesterday we laid out eyeres on one another for the first time.

That's pretty much how far it goes. For now. Who knows, maybe rules will change. Ah, rules, yes, that's what it was all about. To live happy, live in secrecy. Or so they say. Actually, that will obviously be one of the issues we'll blab about around here, considering the situation. But for the sake of our personal lives, we'll have to settle on a particular amount of anonymity and secrecy on this weblog (and I encourage people who want to share thoughts with me to do the same. I'll expose more about this in a later note).

That's why you won't learn much more about her or me, our location, and won't ever get real names, when names will be required. But names and location are just a few pinpoints on a master-pattern you can used to adapt the fresque to your own perspective: Don't worry about it, you'll be alright with the level of information I intend to provide.


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