Their Luck  

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I wonder if the guys she sleeps with actually realize their luck.

Okay, I hear the skeptics' choir again...

From the left aisle, they're chanting that they just don't care and want a quick fuck, and though some would be ready to pay big bucks for a good fuck, some would settle for just anything and there's not so much glamor and luck in this, does it ?

From the right aisle, the canon answers with darts pointed towards me for thinking that she's so wonderful when she's probably just like the average girl. [yes, I just wrote that. Don't start psychoanalyzing me, I always ramble anyway]

But in the end, they still end up probably satisfied at the end of the night, she provides a good service, they get to see a short glimpse of her, partly different from the one I have, and at the same time not so dissimilar, and finally, and all this without any consideration for the fact they could be the best guys on Earth and living incarnations of Mr Right or the damnedest losers ever. Hey, after all, I'm one of the latter and I know how lucky I am to have her.

She'll have dinner dates with them, hang out with them if it's OK and is part of a longer professional relationship and a tacit agreement that they'll book other sessions, and smile back at them if she ever meet them somewhere. [which reminds me... that's another topic I wanted to write about and we'll discuss later when I've got some more time.]

In the end, I guess the trade is quite fair for both parties. It's fairly expensive (for her, as she has to give of her time and person; for them, by resorting to a more common currency), and is fairly rewarding (for her, because of the transfer of this currency; for them, for the physical and mental pleasure they get out of it).

Of course I'd understand if girls would comment on this saying that this far from being fair, but if it wasn't fair in some kind of twisted and pragmatic way, it just wouldn't work, would it ? At least not in this industries of agencies managing high-level escorts, I am not discussing trafficking and harder exploitation here.

"Their" in my title also refers to the agencies, of course, and G.'s in particular, which should realize how professional she is about her job, though I'm not so sure a lot of guides were published on the topic or any standard of governance has ever been approved and released. And how many clients she brought them and had become
regulars of hers or other girls (or combined).

Sometimes I wish I'd come across one of them, client and managers, to just nod at them and ask "you realize you're living a dream just because she wants it that way?"


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