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Just a quick post to explain the ordering system on this weblog.
I like to keep it simple and organized.

* perspectives

I use for different tags to show the perspective of a post, that is, either its point of view or its target.

- her
G.'s perspective. Stuff that relate to her.

- me
my perspective. Stuff that relate to me.

- them
the agencies/pimps/customers' perspective.

- us
details about my relationship with her (can be combined with others).

- you
your perspective, with you as "all-readers-in-general".

* timeline

I use 4 tags to give a hint about where I consider my relationship to be.
I consider you can depict a relationship as being in 4 different stages.
I call them here dawn, morning, afternoon, and sunset.

- dawn
The ones tagged as "dawn" are already set in the past and I just reflect about things that have happened a while ago. Like when I recall how we met, how I learned she was an escort.

- morning
For the moment, of course, all my posts describing events happening in my relationship with G. are in the "morning" category, as I consider our relationship just started. You're past the first steps, you learn about each other more in depth.

- afternoon
We haven't reach this one yet. I imagine an afternoon to be the part of the day where you just take it easy. Things are clear, you just enjoy your day. You know where you're going. That's the cruise speed. Hopefully we'll reach this one someday :-)

- sunset
This is the end, for the best and/or the worst. Not sure I want to reach this part of the day.

This is kind of cheesy, but I like this way of putting it.

* themes

I don't like to have too many tags on a blog, so I try to have general concepts which encompass the focus of the whole blog. I will probably use some theme-related tags to, defining general topics of interest I might be blogging about regularly.
Jealousy, prostitution and love, for instance.


I might also use a few informative markers. Therefore the MGFIAE tag is more like a general "news channel" you can refer to for announcements providing information about the blog, the newsgroup, the newsletter, and so on... Like this post for instance.

I hope this clarifies things and will feel natural to use.
It does for me but maybe my perspective is wrong.


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