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We just had the most lovely week-end we've had in a long while. G. sent her agency and regulars to Hell and booked whatever she could for next week, and decided to deal with private johns' inquiries by just not answering her professional cell at all.

It felt pretty good after a fairly hard week for the both of us, and that was really great to be able to have some time to spend together. I think we hardly spent 4 hours in a row together during the last 5 weeks, and that includes sleeping time.

So we headed south for a small road trip, in the early hours of Saturday.
Her, me, a bike, a tent, a fully loaded mp3 player and the sun.

No more fancy hotels, no more shiny board-rooms.
A 2-days truce.

We spent a good 5 hours on the road as the weather was great and that's one of my hobbies and she likes to tag along on my little excursions, and we wanted to put some distance between our normal lives and this ephemeral fountain of youth (and love).

We arrived in time for a huge feast in the mountains in a friend's restaurant, and took a long walk under the trees, leading us to another friend's place, looking at the wildlife going crazy around us.

And the best thing: not a tourist to be spotted around.

We stayed a good part of the evening at my friend's drinking, talking, kissing (I mean, only me and her... we're off duty, remember ?), watching TV (and not the Olympics), watching old German movies (don't ask...) and drinking and eating again.

We ended up thinking of leaving around 4AM but my friend insisted we stayed over (we wanted to camp just nearby) so we did, and had the most romantic and gentle love-making/sex/fucking/whatever-you-cool-kids-call-it-these-days and fell asleep until 9AM.
Woke up, cooked a huge breakfast, and went back to bed til 12.

Once the breakfast was (ex)terminated, we drove to a nearby town to visit friends of hers, and drove back home.

This post has nothing to do with that little sociological topic of ours I guess... Or does it ? It just reflects a need to fly away from it from time to time, after all, and that's what we did.

If you can, I'd recommend you do to, if you're feeling a bit down lately. Shut off your phone, just hit the road, put on your headphones if you're alone or turn on the radio or pick an old favorite mix tape of yours, and your back to the good old times.

Love week-ends like these.

They won't change the world and won't even change us, but they still are important.

Yep, love week-ends like these.


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