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My sweet lovebird is out again.

She got a call at 3AM to get on a job, so she slipped out of bed and got dressed up, kissed me a tender good-bye and off she was.

No special reason to worry about this, and I'm not in one of those crazy intolerable nerve-wrenching moments like it happened on Monday.

My worries tonight are more a set of general thoughts.

I hope she gets there safe, that the client won't request extensions and that she'll be able to come back relatively early in the morning to take a short nap before she'd have to leave for her daytime job.

Oh yes, I didn't say anything about that... since last Wednesday, she's got a temporary job, as she got advised she probably wouldn't have to many clients for the next 2 weeks by her agency. They try to rotate and though based on experience and satisfaction the best jobs are distributed to the best workers, the agency tries to keep it fair and to still allocate a minimal weekly schedule for everybody. Times being a bit slim apparently lately, she has to step back a little for newcomers.

Which gives her some time. And even though she's usually on call 24/7, it is usually worth the bet to go for both options and cancel either one of them down the road if deemed necessary.

Why get another job when you can already make *beeeeeeppp* bucks an hour on a part-time basis, and get by just fine even with only a few jobs per week ? Well, just because you want to spare some for the future and also simply because it feels good to do something else. And it helps with the cover for friends and relatives.

Additionally, it helps her to keep her resume fairly active while she finishes her studies, so that there won't be a huge blank space in the middle and investigative interviewers asking "so, miss G., could you please tell us what you've been doing between XXXX and XXXX and during all these similar periods or gaps that appear on your file ?"

Still, it's kind of tiresome for her, and I just hope she doesn't push it too far. Besides, she might have to be more active in her studies soon as that definitely fit with the 2 jobs. And me in all this ? I'll take the time-crumbs, thanks, that's OK.

And then I hear students complain in bars during the week-end that they're too tired of working their asses off at universities and schools. My girl's on steroids and is starting to master micro-sleep even better than I do.

And though I believe sometimes pushing it close to the limit for a short - but intense - period is a good thing for several reasons, it sort of feels like she's getting more and more into the business, somehow. Maybe we could do it differently.


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