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It is interesting how G. and I manage to agree on specific topics about the social behavior, and how there is always one of us who fails to accept to accept this principles to him- or herself.

I discussed the other day my position on jealousy and made a note about G.'s impossibility to accept me doing her job if I had to.

On the other hand, whereas we both have similar views on polygamy, I can accept her seeing other people but I wouldn't accept myself doing it. I feel like I would betray her. Then, how come I don't see it this way if she does it ? Is it because I don't really love her ? I really doubt so. Or is it because there is some kind of limit I don't want to step on, to see how she would really react.

The crazy thing is, that from her perspective, though she agrees it would be a normal behavior, she wouldn't be able to forgive me if I slept with someone else. Even though we started as if we were an open-relationship and she expressed the desire to see other people if she felt the urge, and I agreed to these terms, none of us went out of his own way.

If I had done it, she'd would have considered I cheated on her (now what kind of a trap is that ? Or is it just she can't help it, and she has a hard time really finding what she believes in ?); if she had done it, she would have felt bad for me.

Of course back then I had no idea she was an escort. So, technically, she had been seeing other people, but professionally.

I think polygamy is natural for the followings reasons.


Yes, love. Simply. And don't laugh. Who edited a law stating that you can love only one person, from an unconditional and true love ? Who said that you cannot love equally 2 persons at the same time ?

I don't know such person.

However I'd agree that it might be unfair for one (or more) of these 2 (or more) people you love that they have to share your love with others. Though you do not really share it, it is still something than can be hard to deal with.


This is even simpler. You might deeply love a person and still sometimes have fantasies about others. Well I'd say - as long as your partner is on the same wavelength as you, of course - go for it!.

This is just pure and simple animal sex. Sure it can be interleaved with feelings too, but it won't reach what you have with your ideal partner.

It is just a matter of satisfying your own lust, desires, needs, fantasies, and cravings.
As long as it is agreed upon, I really don't see a show-stopper here.

Nevertheless, I cannot do it.

G. says I just say I can't but would if I had the occasion. I don't really think so.

When I come across an attractive girl on the street, and *if* I notice her because I'm not out there looking for preys - I happen to have a life, you know... - I tried to act in an non-offensive way.

Sure, male and even female friends of mine tell me it's natural to look, that it's a compliment. But you cannot be certain that the person you look at at this very moment is in the mood of feeling like the object of your desires.

So I'd just throw a discreet glance, and surely won't turn around to look.

And my mind doesn't wander. G. thinks I must have fantasies and sexual desires running wild in my brains when I see a beautiful girl.

I don't really. I admit I'll look at her, think that she's goddamn beautiful, hot, pretty, cute or whatever attribute describes the subject of my attention.

But I don't get started with fantasies. It's just nice to look at someone. It's a sort of natural art, it's an ephemeral moment of admiration, for one of these attributes you are receptive for at this very second.

And then it's gone and I think it's natural to let it go.

What about you ?


Hi there.
Its funny how reading the last part of your post I felt like it was written by me :P
I understand very well what you are saying cuz it happens to me the same way.


I liked what you said about enjoying a beautiful woman in a concept of art. I feel exactly the same way! I love to draw beautiful women because some gorgeous ladies are like a piece of living art. Their amazing curves or muscles defining their body through smooth skin. Uh just magical.

;) Right on! hehe

Sexy Sadie

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