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Today I received interesting comments from a girl named "sarah".

Sarah is apparently an escort too, and thinks I am not real.

I felt a bit strange after reading this. I didn't think at all about this kind of trust issues when I started this blog, actually. I just got online one day and while I was surfing and reading the blogs of some girls in the escort business because I wanted to understand G. more, I thought "just let's do that".

Like I explained previously, I just wanted to get feedback about what people like me or like the girls go through.

And like my first commenter sarah put it - quite bluntly but really to the point, I have to say - I surely have no clue what's going on through G.'s mind.

I have no idea what it takes to do this, mentally or physically.
That's also exactly why I write.

Thus it felt kind of strange to get yelled at. Well, she just wrote, but judging by her last comment, she seemed pretty pissed of at me, telling me to go "fuck [myself]", so I guess she would have yelled if we were talking face to face.

But she's got a point, really.

Am I doing just "tabloid journalism", like she says ?
I'm not famous, neither is my girlfriend. And if she were, I wouldn't dare to say it here.

But I am still writing about personal stuff here. And yes, I am trying to attract people to read what I'm writing, let's be honest. But I don't mean to attract just anyone, just any idiot passing by and hoping to satisfy his voyeurism. Like I said in my first post, well, if you're this kind of person, good for you. Maybe you'll find something of interest here. But I'm more hoping to attract people to whom all this speaks. People who can actually relate to what I'm typing on these pages.

But how can I prove I'm not making stuff up ? That I'm not just building up a story out of thin air ?
Sarah got me worrying about this for a few hours actually, and my conclusion is: I can't. Or I could but that's not worth the price.

So for those of you who think it's just a book I'm writing, I hope you'll enjoy it. After all no one ever said a book as to be built on a true story to be good and enjoyable to read, right ?

For those of you who think I'm just making stuff up, not even writing a story, and just trying to take advantage of you in any way: sorry! And if you want, well go around and write everywhere you can that I'm a fake. Big deal. I can't stop you, neither can you stop me.

Tabloids will always exist, they're a weak form of journalism, but people still buy them. And I really hope it's not the kind of people who come here to read me, honestly.

And if you think I'm real, then thank you.

I can understand sarah's point of view after all. I found blogs written by escorts. Blogs written by customers. Blogs written by agencies. By managers. I didn't find that many written by relatives and partners.

Why ?
Is it taboo ? I surely hope it isn't.
Is it too awful to write about ? I have no self-esteem, I don't care what people will think of me, especially online when some people in real life already point fingers at me and tell me "how can you keep this going with *that* girl ?".

Is it a side of the situation that is not interesting at all ? So boring no one wants to read about it, even less write about it ? I don't think so. Maybe of course, for the ones only interested in the voyeurism here, the ones reading the tabloids, I guess it's less interesting than the girls' story. But for the other ones, I'll guess it's not so uninteresting.

So I'll be happy to try to fill the gap here.

Because like sarah said, I have no idea what's going through her mind and what it takes her to do this. And "her" refers to both sarah and G.

But probably neither does she have an idea what goes through mine.

She might have dated other people before while doing this job, and they might have different or similar reactions. But unless she was in the same situation, dating a guy or girl doing this job, she can't *know* what I'm going through. She can assume it. Having been in this industry, she probably has a *clue*. Okay, so she's better off than I am. She still can't know for sure.

That's one good enough reason for me to keep writing.



Internet is a feeding ground for trolls. Whenever someone decent shares them self online, someone is going to say something nasty. They do it to provoke us. I know, because I have my own blog.

It never crossed my mind that you might be unreal, and it still does not. Now if you said you were a green unicorn from the land of LaLa...I might say, okay...But I never seen one of those before! LOL

There are escorts and there ARE men who date,love, and marry them. Nothing unearthly there. It's simple and it exists.


Sexy Sadie

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