My Girlfriend is an Escort  

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My Girlfriend is an escort.

This is a simple statement but it carries lots of information, which hits different people in various ways.

To me, the boyfriend of our subject, it means pretty much what it says. The girl I'm dating, I'm going out with, living with, and - at the moment, who knows... - intend to spend a possibly really long chunk or even the remains of my life with, is getting paid to propose sexual services to unknown third parties.

To you, anonymous reader of this online weblog, it can mean so much more. And that's why I write all this.

It can just humour you, because you can think this situation is funny, or consider it an enjoyable way to start your day by making fun out of someone's else misery. Or you fancy the perversion of tapping into someone else's life and thoughts and spy on their very moves and emotions.

Or you can be truly and honestly interested in how all this story unrolls itself, without any need for voyeurism. After all, we all have stories to tell...

Or you might find it informative, because your are one of them, or one of us. One of the pimps, one of the customers. Or one of the girls (or boys).

Either way, you wonder what the other side goes through, or what people in a similar situation experience in their day to day routine.

My Girlfriend is an escort. And one way or another, maybe like with any other profession, she and I have to deal with it. This is how it goes...


My ex-gf, whom I still date (and we are best friends) has decided to become an escort. I'm torn by all these feelings, but in the end, I've decided to be supportive and be there for her while she figures this out.

Thank you for your blog. I feel a lot better after reading your posts.

You're welcome.

And congratulatons on being supportive, no matter what you think of this business.

And brace yourself: it won't always be easy.

You seem to say it will be a temporary thing. Why is it? Is she just in needs of an extra cash for a short period?
That is often the case, but don't assume she'll stop after that. It's definitely an addictive business (except if it doesn't completely put you off).

Just discovered your blog thanks to a friend and I have to say, you blow my mind. All your stuff is heart-breaking, you'd even manage to turn me down ;)

It's a great read, though I have to say I feel the pain and it's a bit overwhelmind!

Dear kc, thanks a lot for reading and for your feedback, it is truly appreciated.

Your own blog is... peculiar, I guess. It seems unlikely I'd turn you off or anything.

I hope you'll enjoy the blog and keep reading.



I just found your blog and read your very first post, and I'm now going to sit here and read through all of them in chronological order. The reason? My girlfriend is an escort, and I need to feel like I'm not alone. My friends (those who know, anyway) are all supportive but skeptical. I have known this girl for years...long before she became an escort. She's been in the business for about three years now, and we've been dating for about three months. At first I didn't think much of it, but now there are times it truly does bother me. Not so much the work, but not being able to talk with her for days on end if she's out of town. She gets back tonight from a 7-day "booking" on the east coast, and I've been going nuts.

Anyway, I appreciate you blogging your story, and I'm sure I will find it very useful as I try to sort this all out. Thanks.

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My Girlfriend is an Escort

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