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I said in earlier posts that she does this job out of necessity, when she needs the money (and some argue out of a pure will to do it, which might sometimes be true, but in that case she would just do it all the time). That she doesn't like it and want to stop at some point in the future, that she has other plans and side projects.

So, what are her plans ? What is her way out of this ?

Like I said in our introduction messages, G.'s an artist of some sort (and please no jokes about her job here), and she's actually pretty good at it (for what I can tell).

Her ways out are then to manage to get a big break in this field, or at least moderately big. But that requires a lot of dedication and an incredible commitment. Which is the tricky part when you have to work on the side a odd hours and need to balance everything. Another solution is to find someone who could help you for a period of time where you focus on your career plan without having to worry about the rest.

I unfortunately cannot pretend to be the "someone" offering this alternative, as I don't have the required wealth for it. For now. And I'm already having problems to find the right balance myself between the big plan and the rest. Also, I hate dependent relationships with a passion as they just spiral around their own kernel of problems until implosion inevitably happens. And I wouldn't like someone to be patronizing towards me and wouldn't inflict this to others.

But still, if I could offer her this way out, I'd do it. With a smile.

[EDIT: a skeptic told me that it's probably just wishful thinking, and we're probably not doing what it takes to move around things. Our schedules and micro-sleep cycles respectfully beg to differ.]


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