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Before she confessed she was an escort, G. told, during this discussion we had on our balcony (well, it was *her* balcony back then, actually), that for her, it is actually quite natural.

It is, supposedly, the oldest profession in the world. Though I guess this can be doubted, it surely has been around for a very long time.

Also, she considers it a normal pattern to feel desires towards other people of the opposite or of your own sex, whether you are already involved with someone or not. She believes in lust, may it be meaningless and just a crusade for fun and pleasure, or may it be meaningful and just the research of an other human being's compassion and empathy for a few forgettable but also so eternal instants.

She is quite jealous though. I'd write about this issue another time, but the fact is she doesn't really manage to apply to her self the pattern she considers normal in others' lives. She doesn't think she'd be able to walk in my shoes if it were the other way around.

Even if I'm faithful but authorize her to seek other partners as I respect her desires and wouldn't want her sex drive to be deceived as long as she comes back to me, she's can't accept the thing the other way around. She agrees with me, sees it that way, but just can't deal with it. It brings her brain close to a fatal failure just by thinking of me getting close to someone else.
And that's in the case where it would be based on mutual desires and feelings. So let's not even get into the details if it were paid sex.

Where does that live us ?

Well I guess this is another take on prostitution: whether you are able to accept it in your life, and from both sides.
What do you think, readers ?

This is, of course, in retrospect after her confession.

When she confessed she (finally) confessed what she was doing, why she was sometimes leaving so late or in the middle of our improvised dates, she sounded a lot different.
Still accepting the concept, still considering it a normal thing.

But also showing some anger at the ugliness of the business, at its superficiality, when it could be just a matter of simple desires and needs. The social aspect (social as in "clubbing, partying, mingling, giggling-like-idiots-and-showing-off-shiny-hot-girls", not as in "social environment as a cause for all this") drives her sometimes a bit mad. Nonetheless, she recognizes it is necessary, as it is, after all, a business. And a service provider puts the customer first. Yet it is sad to see that it could be fine and respectable and looks like a farce in way too many cases.

How many of you have been out in bars and nodding at a friend at a girl with a guy and telling him or her "yeah, right, no way that guy is with her, she's got to be an escort or in it for the money." The hot-ness of their behavior, the very convincing looks they share are not enough to cover this indescribable thing between them, that makes the scene slightly odd. Maybe it's the tension we can perceive by looking at the guy, which is not exactly the same as if he were trying to pick up a girl. Or when the guy's been doing this for a while, maybe it's the fact that he's overly confident and dismissive of her favors.

Or the fact that she goes far beyond the limit of decency for a public place, maybe, too... that happens too, unfortunately, and that's one of the moments where I feel deeply sorry for the girl, because in this situation I don't see no benefit for her at all, except the electronic transfer landing on her account in the next 3 hours. And neither does G.

After her confession, she'd also let other concerns appear in daylight. Whereas she would use to try to convince me with big smiles things were alright (she was going out with friends but couldn't really take me, because she owed them a favor and was quickly showing up but hadn't told them yet she was seeing someone and didn't want to force me on them, or things like these), she would now feel obligated to apologize for leaving in the middle of the night and avoid crossing my eyes when she would leave and come back. Before she would have hidden her feelings, confident there was no give away anyway and was concerned about not giving any, and really happy to see me and come back to something positive.

So, if once you've entered a logic of truth and trust, you end up feeling more ashamed than before, I guess it speaks for itself and shows there's something which isn't quite right, that makes you think your job is not that great and that respectable.

At least not in the sleazy and perverted situations.

But the nice and understanding ones are rare, unfortunately.


Hi H,

Just started reading your blog a couple of days ago. Very interesting! I never thought I'd see a perspective from a boyfriend of an escort, being an escort myself.

LOL...It's so true though, if I had a boyfriend, I would be so jealous if he wanted to see other girls/guys on the side. Even though, I would still continue working in the industry.

I just think it's different for some of us ladies (escorts). We feel we provide something that a gent wants, and we want to be irreplaceable. Which isn't true, we are in fact very much replaceable. But just knowing the guy we love only needs/wants us...is so lovely!

Thank you for sharing, and I will continue reading your blog in chronological order.

Sexy Sadie

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