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Now that you know my views, let's have a look at hers.

G. basically consider it is written in our genes.
That we cannot control it.
Especially for men.

Being a somewhat rational and scientific person, and though I believe one of the strongest needs of all living organisms is to procreate and expend their population, I do not really believe either of these are fundamentally true.

But it would make sense, as monogamy is definitely not a general rule in the animal world (though some species follow a monogamous scheme like humans).

Nevertheless, I don' think are utterly more monogamous "by design", if I may say so, than women. I would agree the facts are against me. But this is a matter of social context, historic indoctrination and tradition.
Women have been enslaved and used, and even today in our modern and civilized era, they still aren't considered equals. Pretending the opposite would not only be a lie but also a grotesque joke.

Like I said, it depends on context, and even the modern trends vary depending on your location. Social behaviors and etiquette are quite different whether you are in the Middle East, South-East Asia, North or South America, North or South African territories or Europe.

All these areas have various origins and history, and their past define their cultures. And the submission of women to men's control unfortunately ruled over pretty much all of them and still do in some of them, if not all, more or less insidiously.

But I've lost myself, that's more my personal reflections on my girlfriend's views than her views themselves that I reported here.

G. considers everybody to have a need for polygamous relationships, and we agree on the possible futility of the thing. That it can be controlled. We're not sure it can be removed though.

Everyone starting a relationship and seeing it getting stable and on the verge of long-term planning always has this thought: "wow, is he/she going to be the last one I'd meet and kiss and have sex with?".
Don't blush or hide yourself behind your screen, I know you thought it. Or you will.

But you can control it, and like I explained in my post, not succumb to your pulsions and just learn to enjoy their coming and going without feeling regrets or sorrow.

After all, going out of your way to fool around with somewhat else wouldn't bring you much.

Or would it ?

After all, this is a relief. You could get rid of your inhibitions, let your mind free to wander, and plunge into the joys of the flesh like you just go out enjoy a beer with some friends before returning home.

While your dearly beloved may go out do the same like she does when she has a girls' night out and leaves you in front of your TV and soccer/rugby/football/basket-ball game.

If you put it like this, it seems rather healthy.

Besides, some people have a more intense sex drive than others.

G. appears to be unstoppable sometimes. If we fall into cliches, it would look like I'm the girl and she's the guy. She just can't get enough. And when she finally does, then it's over. Time out, time to go to bed and sleep. Curtain. She can be as selfish as a man could be with this.

Which I think is pretty funny, because she keeps believing I am looking at other girls all the time and only think of sex, because "all men do" and "that's what [we] do".

But in the end, she's usually the one thinking of sex and I'm the cuddly one. She's the loud one and I'm the quiet one.

Maybe all this comes from her job too. I guess endorphins can be a drug like any other, and you might feel the need to get your fix regularly and more often than usual if you start practicing too much.

Or maybe some people are more naturally designed for this. Without talking of predestination and fate, maybe we just don't choose this and act just the way it's the easiest for us, based on the chemicals running through our veins and that make that whole machinery work and crave for something.

As another example, G. can easily masturbate 10x a day if we don't have sex. I was actually kind of surprised at the beginning, between "damn my girlfriend is great and open about this" and "okay, she's definitely a sex addict".

Personally I must have masturbated twice since I met her, in 6 months. And when I was away from our home.
Okay, I used to do it more often with other girls, she just draws everything out of me anyway. But still. not *that* often.

My point with this is, and hers, that maybe some people need more attention and more than one person to satisfy their needs. And if I'm not enough, and considering I want her happiness and her to feel comfortable, why would I be against her dating other people ?

If she does it only for sexual pleasure, great!

If she happens to start feeling something for someone else... then we'll see but I could be OK. It would make everything a lot more complicated, as it requires the agreement on this of the N people involved, like we said a the top of this post. But could I blame someone for loving her ? No. she's amazing. Could I blame her for loving someone else than me ? Well, things change. Could I blame her for loving someone else than me, plus me ? Nope, she's got a big heart, and she's entitled to have what she deserves.
It's just a matter of coping.


haha She's awesome :)
I find myself quite the same way, more sexual than most of the boys I've dated.

There is still a HUGE difference between fucking a client and making love or even fucking a guy you like/love who is yours to keep. The later is amazing and it's hard to stop sometimes :D

Sexy Sadie

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